Published on July 8, 2013, by in Business, Finance, Internships.

TylerThis summer I was fortunate enough to be chosen for a 9-week internship with Wawa, Inc. They are mostly known for their success in the retail industry and rapid expansion throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and Florida. Throughout the Summer I will be reporting to the Risk Management department located at Wawa’s corporate office. Risk Management falls under the Quality Assurance, Risk and Safety team.

The first couple of weeks of the internship have been very eventful. Almost daily, I have been brought in on various meetings with others teams at Wawa and even some outside companies who do business with them. Just last week, I had the privilege of meeting with Wawa’s Risk Consulting group who specializes in making sure that all of the lines of insurance for the company are up-to-date for and in good working order. The meeting was held at a local country club and we had catered breakfast and lunch on the house (there are definitely some perks to interning at a corporate office!). Through that meeting and other meetings, I have learned a lot more about how to fine-tune my networking skills. Today, we have websites similar to LinkedIn which enable us to network with others who might have similar career goals or those who might already be working for that dream company of yours. Wawa has taught me that you can never have too many copies of your business card and they have shown this through how rapidly they distribute them with their vendors and other business partners.

This week they had me working on a claim that was filed towards the end of last year as a result of Hurricane Sandy. I was responsible for completing Excel files that were missing invoice numbers and then posting all of the numbers to separate journal entries. Yesterday, I completed the claim and sent it off to the insurance company so that they could review it.

Since I have started, they have bombarded me with tons of Wawa gear. So far, I have been given three shirts, four hats, two water bottles, two coffee mugs, a wind breaker and an umbrella all covered in Wawa’s logo. If they keep this up, I may need to purchase a storage locker just to be able to hold onto all of the free Wawa gear.

I am definitely looking forward to the next 6 weeks with Wawa and stay tuned for weekly updates from my internship experience.