Published on July 9, 2013, by in Internships, Journalism.

7.9 OprahI thought I’d share a fun story that seems straight out of a movie.

I’m at two magazines but my very first day of interning for the summer was at O, The Oprah Magazine. I arrived early, got a tour of the office, and was sitting with the other intern talking about “what if Oprah came in?” The thought itself seemed so far-fetched that we were laughing about our completely exaggerated reactions.

Well what do you know…we had a rare visit from the woman herself less than an hour later. She was in the office shooting a cover before jetting off again that afternoon and I was lucky enough to catch her. Everyone kept coming up to me telling me I picked the best day to begin my internship!

I sit directly outside of Gayle King’s office (Oprah’s best friend, O Editor-at-Large, and co-anchor of CBS This Morning, aka a force of nature.) Oprah kept walking behind me, in and out of Gayle’s office. I told myself if I didn’t say anything, I would never forgive myself so I managed to say hi as she walked by and she smiled back and said hello to me!

As if that wasn’t enough for me to die happy, a bit later she was preparing to give a pep talk to the office. Everyone was gathered around, cramming close, but from my desk I had the perfect up-close-and-personal view. As she was walking behind me again, she tapped the back of my chair, catching me completely off guard, and said “Best seat in the house, huh?” and winked.

Yes, it certainly was.