Published on July 15, 2013, by in Internships, Journalism.

7.15 PintrestThe perks of working for two very different magazines are that I have two very different sets of responsibilities at each. Since I’m there the majority of the week, I’ll share some insight from Country Living.

I work closely with the senior editors at Country Living to brainstorm, pitch, search for products and obtain samples for the “Idea Notebook” feature. Each month, this section features DIY-crafts. So this means I get to peruse Pinterest all day for innovative ideas. Hey, it could be worse.

I have to hone my tastes to fit the aesthetic of the magazine, so although I’m personally loving, “how to glitter the soles of your shoes,” our readers might not appreciate that as much. When I have some downtime, I’ll print out full-page images of whatever I think might catch my editor’s eye so she can then go through and pick what she likes. Once that’s narrowed down, everything she wants to include is put on a big board with captions so she can reference it daily. From there, it’s my job to hunt down the products.

One day, this meant calling in wallpaper samples from Brooklyn to Texas. Another day, I searched the internet high and low for miniature log cabins (which, by the way, are harder to find than you might think!)

I’m also helping to work on a well package (magazine talk for feature story) for the November issue that I’m really excited about. In my journalism classes, we’ve been told time and again to always conduct more interviews than you need. You might not end up using all of the information or sources, but it’s better to have it than to realize halfway through a story that you’re missing something.

As we move ahead with this package, I can attest to how true that is. The amount of sources we’ve reached out to is absurd! But reading all the interviews is really insightful. It may only be July, but I’m getting some great ideas for my own Thanksgiving traditions.

I love working with the senior editor on all of this. Not only is she enthusiastic, but it’s so much fun and she’s really appreciative of everything I do and contribute. And that’s worth everything to me.