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7.16 Taylor

Enventys is the parent company that houses the magazine, and also houses several other resources for inventors. They are the manufacturers of the Gyro Bowl, the Emory Cat, Eggies, Mister Steamy, and many other recognizable “As Seen on TV” items. Their newest creation is Hot Huez, the temporary hair coloring roll-on chalk worn by Nicki Minaj at the VMA’s (compliments of the “swag bags.”) You can’t make this stuff up.

Behold- the June issue of Inventors Digest, and whose name is that on the editor’s page? It’s a little small and hard to make out, but I’ll tell you – it’s ME! Taylor Higgins- Editorial Director. I sound like a grown up. But in all seriousness, I am extremely honored to have this career-building experience, and I can’t wait to show my mom.

7.16 Editorial Page

My name and signature are listed on the editor’s page of this month’s issue.

This month’s issue is, by far, my favorite that we’ve put out since I began with the magazine. The cover is fresh and clean, the designs are new and energetic, and the stories are inventive and creative. It’s good to see the stale and re-done-to-death stories and designs give way to a breath of fresh life, which I think is symbolized by the new baby plant on the cover. I am very proud to have been a part of this June issue.

7.16 Cover

The June issue is out, and I personally love the cover! It’s clean and fresh, and just what the magazine needs!

But an editor’s job is never done. Yesterday was a full day of editing new articles for the upcoming August issue, and putting the finishing touches on the July issue. I am very excited that a lot of my work and material will be going into these upcoming issues. I am also being afforded the opportunity to create my own editorial for an upcoming issue – I’m talking a full three-page article. I am still thinking about what I will use this opportunity to capitalize on, but I am anxious to begin! As this will be my first BIG byline, I am little star struck still. (Stupid, I know, but I can’t help myself.)

I am responsible, here at the magazine, for composing the “Radar” section, which is a 3-4 page section where we monitor the market for new and innovative inventions and emerging products. I check out several websites, and select 12 items to write a brief bio on, just as a fun little eye pleaser. And who doesn’t want to know about cool new products? I ran across an awesome new innovation called the TurtleCell, a new iPhone case designed by engineering graduate students at the University of Michigan. The students polled over 500 people to find out what people wanted to solve the “earbud crisis” and came up with this ingeniously simple design – an iPhone case with built-in retractable earbuds. Kind of amazing! It is stupidly simple, with no real electronic engineering involved. The campaign is titled, “Untangle Your Life,” referring to the time my generation spends untangling our earbuds. The fundraising campaign is pretty inventive too – they are using a “crowdfunding” site, Kickstarter, to gain small amounts of money from everyday investors, like the 2008 Obama campaign. It looks like they have already started manufacturing for the iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5, and are keeping up their Kickstarter site to get funding for other popular smartphones. You can even pre-order your TurtleCell for the iPhone 5 on Kickstarter. Check them out – I think I am sold on this product!

The new TurtleCell phone case.

The new TurtleCell phone case.

It is nice to see projects through from start to finish, and to observe how they transform from writing, to editing, to design, and eventually all culminate into a finished product. But equally as intriguing is why there are SO MANY different memory cards for cameras these days – I can’t find a single port in this entire building to fit the design department’s camera memory card. Why do we even have it if we don’t have a card reader? On to solve this pending crisis.