Published on July 17, 2013, by in Internships, Marketing.

Step 5: Take a picture to send with the pitch

Visuals are compelling. Sometimes they are able to show something that words can’t. So, an important step in the pitching process was securing a picture to send with the pitch. If needed, I have access to the NASM photographers who can take pictures for me, but for the most part, I have taken this task on myself because it is an opportunity to learn more about the intern and their personality. And because I am able to keep the story I’m selling in mind when taking the pictures I can take a picture that goes well with the pitch I’ve written. When possible, I’ve tried to take action photos that go along with what the intern is doing at the museum, but sometimes that just isn’t possible, especially if the intern works in an office! When this is the case, the intern and I talk about where in the museum they’d like to have their picture taken—perhaps in an exhibit that relates to their work, or maybe even just their favorite exhibit in the museum. When taking this angle we’re usually able to get some cool shots that include some of the amazing artifacts we have on display.

Here are some examples of the pictures I’ve taken to send with the pitches:

7.17 Airplane 7.17 Desk 7.17 Directions

So, I’ve been running around the museum taking pictures of interns for the past 6 weeks and I’ve become known as the person to go to when a camera is needed. Because of this, I had the opportunity to help a fellow intern out by taking pictures of him conducting an interview with a museum volunteer for the Blue Crew News—the volunteer newsletter. It was fun to be able to help out an intern from another department.

I’ve really enjoyed being able to take pictures of the interns—although I’ve found that the museum has terrible lighting for pictures, because natural light is relied upon so heavily and pictures are frequently quite backlit. But I’ve learned to adapt and regardless of this, it has been a lot of fun completing this step of the project.