Published on July 17, 2013, by in Internships, Journalism.

Olivia FrenchToday was a VERY exciting day! I had the chance to show off my internship… To HPU! After I spent the morning working on the Gold Star Toy awards program and a few minor projects, I got to welcome Roger Clodfelter, and three videographers and photographers into the P&C office. It was great to show everyone what I’ve been up to all summer! I got to show them around the Scholastic building, and then I sat down for a short interview about how HPU has helped me with my career so far (which it definitely has). Stay tuned to the HPU website to see what I had to say :) Seeing Roger and everyone, and talking about HPU helped remind me how lucky I am, and how excited I am to go back to school in just one short month!