Published on July 18, 2013, by in Internships, Marketing.

7.18 Run Finish LineAs I have said before, one thing I love about my internship is that there is always something new! This past weekend I was able to shoot two different events; a 5K that The Ulman Cancer Fund had the pleasure of being a beneficiary of, and the arrival of our 4K for Cancer Run Team!

Filming things and capturing moments is always enjoyable, but I love going to events like these because I am able to document some of people’s most emotional accomplishments. I see people doing their first 5K and they struggle and push themselves the whole way, but they come across the finish line with a face of triumph and happiness. I was also able to talk about our organization and answer questions with my fellow intern, Erica.

The 4K for Cancer Run arrival was an emotional event because the runners just spent 30 days away from their families, running nearly a half marathon every day in honor of their friends and loved ones, and had finally finished! The footage gathered at this event in addition to what I shot while in Missouri will work to create a great promotional piece for the run program.

I hope that when I graduate I am able to have a job as satisfying and worthwhile as this internship has been this summer!