Published on July 22, 2013, by in Internships.

7.22 Board RoomMy summer at Halloran & Sage is going great. The other day I attended my first deposition. A deposition is a process where an attorney is allowed to question a witness about facts, knowledge, and any other information pertaining to a case. In this situation I was shadowing the attorney who was representing the witness who was being deposed.

The day before the deposition, we called the witness into the office and did a practice round so he would know what to expect. We helped him understand how to answer questions, and prepared him for what questions would be asked. Depositions can be intense and very long. We simulated those aspects just so he understood what to expect.

The following day the attorney I was shadowing, the witness, the opposing attorney, and myself, along with a court reporter all met in the conference room. The court reporter’s duty was record every spoken word, that is on the record, and mark evidence. This deposition went on for approximately four hours, and in the end the battle which was the deposition ended in a draw. Our witness wasn’t the strongest, however he gave great answers that didn’t give the other attorney much to work with. It was a very interesting experience.

This experience was great for me. It allowed me to see how difficult some of the rigors of being an attorney really are. An attorney has to not only know what questions to ask, but also know how to ask those questions. Figuring out in which way to ask a question is extremely important in many aspects of an attorney’s job. The deposition was interesting and long, but it was an experience that I will remember in the future.