Published on July 22, 2013, by in Internships, Journalism.

Olivia FrenchProduction is wrapping up on the August/September issue, and as we get closer to print, the entire magazine is becoming real. Today, I had the opportunity to work with the production manager, Rob, with the layout and finalizing of the magazine. First, I used InDesign to convert all of the (99% done) pages to PDFs, and then I printed out all 190 pages and assembled them into a book for the editor-in-chief to look at. It’s a really important step, because not only is it the first time that we see the issue in a form that’s close to the way it will look in print, but it also gives the editors a chance to catch mistakes and to make sure that everything looks good together. Additionally, we put all of the pages up on a wall in the office, in the order that they will appear in the magazine with ads included to get a sense of what everything looks like together. Then the changes started. We moved pages and ads around to make sure that everything flowed nicely, and that nothing was competing for attention. While we were doing this, I got a chance to talk to Rob a lot about production, ads, and the like. It was interesting because I haven’t learned anything about that stuff in school yet, so I got to see it all with completely new eyes. Needless to say, it was a very informative day for me!