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7.29 Mortal InstrumentsI haven’t written in over a week now. It’s not because I’ve been busy but because I haven’t had much to write about. I’ve written several volunteer articles but there’s nothing out of the ordinary. I do want to share an experience I had middle of last week though.

Before that though, let me just update you on what’s been going on in my world. San Diego Comic-Con closed last weekend so everyone at The Daily Quirk has been super busy writing as much as we can on all the footage we received. Every day there was a new Comic-Con article or video feature. It was so crazy, and I had never seen anything like it. I actually wrote an article 7.29 Divergenton “Mortal Instruments” that comes out on August 21 and on “Divergent” that comes out in 2014. Both of these movies are book-to-movie adaptions, which is a common theme at this year’s Comic-Con.

Now onto that experience I mentioned earlier… Here is what happened. I get an email from my managing editor about writing a break story about “Once Upon A Time” actor David Anders announcing his return to the show (Anders play’s Dr. Whale/Dr. Frankenstein). She asks if I’ve ever watched the show, and I hadn’t at that point. I decided though, that the article could be written so long as I did my research.

Well, I write the article and I didn’t feel too confident about it and as it turns out I had every reason to feel nervous about submitting it. There was a lot wrong with it, particularly in my wording and of course my lack of knowledge. So with this I learned a very important lesson: sometimes it’s best to just say no.

I knew from the start I had no idea what the show was about, and there was a good chance I couldn’t just write my way through it. From that moment on I’ve made sure to carefully think over my volunteer opportunities to make sure it’s something that’s doable and easily researched. I have a soft spot for helping however I can, and this is my blessing, and flaw, at it’s finest.

What I learned is this: since I work for the company now I need to make sure I catch up on all the shows they cover. I don’t want to be caught in a position where I can’t give my best work. It not only wastes my time but more importantly it wastes the companies time. I have to take it slow, but I’ve already started watching “Once Upon A Time” and I have a fairly long list growing. I also learned sometimes it might be better to just say no. If I don’t know enough on a topic, don’t take it. Better safe than sorry, unless you know the research will truly pay off.

7.29 Arrested DevelopmentI thankfully had more luck last Friday when I got to break the news on “Arrested Development” coming back for a fifth season on Netflix. I still had some wording issues, but it went much better because, well, it got published! Well that’s it, hoping to finish this summer off strong with a few more posts before school starts back. Excited to get back to HPU, it’s been a long three months away from home.

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