Published on July 31, 2013, by in Internships, Marketing.

7.31 Mars DayLast Friday was Mars Day! at NASM, an event that happens every year and involves instructional and fun activities such as booths manned by the Museum’s Martian experts, the chance to see a Martian meteorite, the opportunity to maneuver a robotic rover (small scale of course!) and much more. It really is a great event, and one that people look forward to all year—I’m told that Mars Day! helpers who have worn their Mars Day! shirts on the Metro have gotten comments from other Metro riders about how much they love the event.

A few days before the event, the coordinator of Mars Day!, which is put on by the Center for Earth and Planetary Studies (CEPS), came around to try to round up some interns to assist with the event because they were in need of some more helpers. I was happy to help and was given a Mars Day! shirt and a nametag which proclaimed me a Martian Intern. I 7.31 Sadi Amywas actually assigned to a role that is relevant to the communications office. I accompanied NASM photographer Mark Avino as he took photos of the event and whenever a child was in a photo taken by Mark, I was tasked with getting their parent to sign a release. This allows us to use the photo on the website, advertising and other communications-related purposes. It was cool to see the event through the eyes of a photographer trying to capture the moment.