Published on August 1, 2013, by in Internships, Journalism.

As you all know by now, things have been pretty slow for me these past couple of weeks but I’ve been doing my best to keep busy. Wednesday though, things changed when I got an awesome email from my managing editor. She told me that she finally got the “okay” for two interviews for me. Now, I know that the remaining part of my summer will be beyond amazing.

But before that, let me quickly brief you on some other things. My swimming as an exercise article released earlier this week. You can read the full article here:

8.1 Swimming

I also discovered that my Melina Alvez interview was one of the most viewed articles this week on The Daily Quirk. That’s a pretty exciting feeling and it does make me feel like a pretty successful writer.

Now on to the interview information… Since I can’t tell you the exact name of my interviews until they go live on the site, I will give you some vague hints about whom they could be. My first interview is going to be with a reality TV star from ABC’s “Whodunnit?” They are one of the “deceased” contestants so it will be awesome to get that perspective since I’ve already talked with 8.1 Most ViewedMelina, who is still on the show.

My second interview is the big news. This one I actually fan-girled over, and I know it’s going to be a very memorable experience. This big named star has been in several movies and been on Broadway, but they are most well known for their reoccurring role on the ABC Family show “Pretty Little Liars.” That interview is scheduled for Monday, and they only have allotted 30 minutes for us to speak. This means I really have to apply what I’ve learned with researching to chose only the best and most vital questions to be asked. I’m excited but nervous all at the same time.

Unlike my previous interviews with celebrities, this “Pretty Little Liar” actor (or actress) is the biggest interview I’ll do in my journalism career (well, so far I hope). I hope that before the end of the summer I’ll be able to share the identity of this mystery interview but I can’t make any promises.

If it ends up that this blog ends before I can reveal the identity, make sure you check out The Daily Quirk for the reveal! Since you know what show they’ve been in and you know who the author of the interview is (me!) it’ll be easy to figure it out once it’s on the homepage.

Well for now that is everything. Looking forward to telling you more about the interview, and perhaps some of the things I’ve learned that might be useful.