Published on August 1, 2013, by in Business, Finance, Internships.

8.1 Goose BumpsWhen you go above and beyond you are usually awarded for your actions. Whether it’s in the classroom or even in an office environment, going the extra mile usually comes with a reward of some sort. This week I received Goose Bumps at Wawa, in fact 5,000 of them. And no, I am not talking about the ones that run up and down your arms. Goose Bumps are given out each month to employees of different departments who have made significant contributions or even to those who just may have helped expedite the length of time consumed on one specific project. Since I usually view my work with a modest approach, I was totally surprised to receive recognition like this. My two supervisors told me that they were pleased with the work that I had accomplished since I walked in on Day 1 of the internship. For the past six weeks, I have been assisting with a sizable claim that the company had filed for as a result of a peril last Fall. Most of my work consisted of data collecting and communicating with dozens of business partners in order to track down information required by the insurance adjuster. One of my bosses said that without my help, the whole process would have taken a lot longer to complete and that the entire department was very appreciative of my work. From this, I have learned that it is very important to have incentives or competitions in the workplace. This type of practice serves as motivation for employees to work just a little harder when they come into the office each day. With that, companies will continue to have success and will see growth over time.

So you might be wondering what these Goose Bumps allow me to do. Each Goose Bump serves as a point toward an online account with Wawa. There, I can purchase clothing items or even movie passes for a Friday night date. I went ahead and purchased a Wawa hoodie and sweatpants for those cold Winter months. Also, I reserved a UHAUL truck to transport all of my Wawa apparel back to High Point

…just kidding