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8.2 interns at the zooeditedI posted weeks ago about the advantages of being part of an organized internship program, but in that I was just referring to the NASM program. It actually extends further than that. The Smithsonian has an Office of Fellowships and Internships that also organizes activities for Smithsonian interns as a whole to attend, and I’ve been able to go a few.

A couple weeks ago, I attended Morning at the Museum, an event just for interns at the National Museum of American History. The program was a follow-up to a film series they had at the museum the week prior about “The Matrix.” The morning began with a curator talk about the Warner Brothers artifacts American History has (including a costume from “Harry Potter”!) and then the curator showed us a new acquire: a gun used in the filming of “The Matrix.” We then went into the Warner Brothers theatre, heard a brief lecture on “The Matrix” and its effects on the movie industry, and then we got to watch movie. Not a bad way to spend a morning!

8.2 elephant trailsLast week, I went on an OFI trip to the National Zoo, another facet of the Smithsonian. This was a lot of fun because it was cool to see how, even though both the Zoo and NASM are part of the same institution, they are both so uniquely different in content, yes, but also in the way they are run. It was also cool to meet interns from other museums and to get a bit of behind-the-scenes information from our tour guide. In my Case Studies in Public Relations course last semester, I actually did a presentation about FedEx and 8.2 pandatheir partnership with the National Zoo in the moving of Tai-Shan, the beloved panda, back to China and our tour guide actually talked about how Tai-Shan was transported on FedEx’s “Panda Express” (and a few weeks ago I met the head of communications at the Zoo, who, it is now occurring to me, was probably involved in that campaign).

I honestly cannot believe that I’m almost done with this internship. We actually had a Farewell Lunch with all the interns on Monday because some interns finish this week, and I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that we’re close 8.2 lionsenough to being done that we’ve already had our Farewell event. There’s still so much I want to do before my internship wraps in a week: have two more IMAXs I need to see while they’re still free to me, and I really should take a docent tour and explore the exhibits more thoroughly.

There are so many opportunities to learn on so many different levels here at NASM and SI in general, and I intend to take advantage of them until the very last day.


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