Published on August 6, 2013, by in Internships, Journalism.

8.6 Beauty BlowoutLadies, ladies, ladies.

Take a minute and ask yourself how much money you’ve spent in the past six months on beauty products. How many lipsticks and mascaras are in a bag, how many pretty sparkly eye-shadows you don’t wear nearly as much as you’d like, the nail polishes and perfume bottles cluttering your dresser. A little here, a little there, but it all adds up. You’re addicted.

But there’s a job title for that! And I am going to share a secret with you: become friends with someone in the beauty department at a magazine.

Why? Because most magazines are sent an influx of brand new products twice each day that are opened, glanced at, and put onto a shelf in a closet until there is no more room. It’s actually a highly selective process for what makes the cut. And the rest? Twice a year, interns like me purge the closet to prepare for fall and winter products that you’ll read about and be dying to try. But until then, there are brand new, unopened goodies up for grabs.

This past week at O, we managed to sell the entire beauty closet in a 3-hour sale open to all Hearst employees. Imagine Black Friday in a conference room….it was that intense. But it was bittersweet too. All of the money that we made from the sale is being donated to Oprah’s Leadership Academy girls. The products that help you feel more beautiful go to a beautiful cause.

It was a lot of hard work, boxing everything up, sorting, separating, cleaning, and replenishing the bins. But I also got first dibs on everything that I wanted. Now I just need to convince my parents that shipping all my new goodies back won’t cost nearly as much as what I would spend buying all of that at retail cost….wish me luck.