Published on August 6, 2013, by in Internships, Marketing.

6.19 AmyStep 8: Set up an interview between the intern and reporter.

In every pitch I’ve sent, I’ve offered to set up an interview with the intern in question so that the reporter can gather the information they want/need and ask any questions they might have. Coordinating a phone call around my schedule and the reporters schedule and the interns schedule can be a bit of a challenge, especially waiting to hear back from each one as I try to find the time that works for all three of us.

I usually sit in on the interview because (a) I can provide an office and phone for us to call from and (b) so that I can facilitate the interview and “introduce” the intern to the reporter. And a little bit as moral support for the people who were nervous about being interviewed.

I’ve really enjoyed the interviewing process because it has enabled me to learn a lot more about the interns as they answer the reporters’ questions. It’s also great from a public relations perspective because I’m learning what is important/most interesting to the reporter which is helpful in shaping future pitches or press releases.

A couple of times I’ve been asked questions as well, or even separately interviewed, about the internship program. Once I was even quoted as “Amy Stamm of the Office of Communications” which was pretty cool. (I’m not sure they realize that I’m an intern as well!)