Published on August 7, 2013, by in Internships, Marketing.

DSC_2578For my final blog post, the letter I wrote to future NASCAR Digital Media interns pretty much sums up my entire experience. Without further ado:

Future NASCAR Digital Media Intern,

First off, congratulations on landing this internship; it’s a pretty big deal! Expect a lot of LinkedIn Activity stemming from your new position. Also, welcome to the coolest floor in the building. You’re sure to learn a lot and grow professionally in the span of just one summer. The ten weeks spent in this position definitely went by so fast! This entire floor is very casual. You don’t have to wear dress pants every day if you don’t want to, but you do have to wear fun pants on Fancy Pants Friday. Don’t let me down. (And if you’re a male, this floor has the strongly-rooted tradition of Tie Tuesday.) You’ll get cool points for having the fanciest scooter on the floor, so pimp that ride.

On a day-to-day level, it was very easy to fall into a productive routine. I worked mainly with changes and releases to the platform under Lindsay Jones and Devon Fox. I spent a lot of time in Zendesk and Confluence Wiki (I’m a black belt Wiki ninja) and ensuring that the process was running smoothly. One of my biggest projects involved defining and documenting the Change Management Communication Plan, which included creating the plans for monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports. I also created the Vanity URL Master List and organized DNS records.

As far as the Diversity Program goes, it’s great. Orientation was definitely my favorite part. The Lunch and Learns are the perfect opportunity to bond with fellow interns, pick the brains of NASCAR leaders, and enjoy some free food. Come prepared with a question or two and actively engage in conversations to make the most of it. I set up a Facebook group with all of the interns; it was an excellent place to share LinkedIn profiles, Twitter handles, Instagram feeds, phone numbers, Orientation pictures, blogs, articles, and good news. Try to set one up if there isn’t already one in place!

My favorite question for successful people is “What is the best advice you have ever received or given?” Within NASCAR, about 90% of the time I got network, network, network, which is fine and dandy and a little vague, but here’s what I got in the other 10%:

• If you connect with a professional, send them a physical thank you card. – Brittany Meyer

• Beware of what you post on social media sites. – Diane Wooten

• Have lunch with new people. – Marvin Aylor

• It’s not your job to answer emails. Don’t let email derail your productivity. – Lindsay Jones

• The world is changing. Change with it. It’s important to provide value. – Marc Jenkins

• “Be patient.” Sometimes what you want to do may not be what you need to do. Make the right decisions, take opportunities, and absorb all the information you can. – Mike Helton

Enjoy your internship with NASCAR Digital Media!
Melia Sigmon