Published on August 7, 2013, by in Internships, Marketing.

8.7 NBC_PressTourI have recently returned to my internship office after a short break with High Point’s Media Fellow Program in Los Angeles, California. We finished our trip by visiting TCA’s Press Tour on the day that NBC was presenting their fall schedule. We were able to sit amongst the reporters as they interacted with the panels from the different shows. The panels included the producers and some actors and actresses from each show and generally started with a “sizzle reel” followed by the questions of the reporters. It was an amazing opportunity to see how everyone interacted and we were excited to discover that we were the first academic group to ever attend the press tour. We also had the chance to eat lunch with a number of reporters and hear about their work experience and ask questions.

The trip ended with a visit with Megan Levy, a vice president at the Public Relations company, The Lippin Group. After this meeting we had officially visited and met with people from a number of different communications tracks and saw how they all came together to run the crazy world that is the entertainment world in Los Angeles.

This trip, lead by our advisor, Professor McGhee-Lazarou helped us to bridge the gap between what we learn in the classroom and what the industry is really like. We found that everything we are learning in class is very important in establishing our foundation, and we should take advantage of every experiential learning opportunity in order to gather that “real world” experience.

Now I am back in the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adult offices and working to wrap up my summer long projects as my time will be ending here at the end of August. I am really looking forward to how everything will be coming together!