Published on August 8, 2013, by in Business, Finance, Internships.

8.8 WawaLogoToday marks the 5th year anniversary of the AIN (Associates in Need) program at Wawa. This program was designed to help associates and their families in times of need. Whether it is a missed mortgage payment or even outstanding funeral costs, the program serves as financial support funded through the associates’ paychecks. When you begin working at Wawa, there is an option to have a payroll deduction which goes directly to this fund and with that, the Internal Care department has money set aside for when a Wawa family is struggling. In the five years since the establishment of the program, thousands of Wawa families have been able to receive some type of financial support. I believe that this is the best benefit that the company has to offer. It represents their belief that the whole company is one big family and that everyone works together here. In today’s culture, it is almost impossible to go through life without any type of financial setback. With the AIN program, it allows associates to not have to worry as much when they hit a speed bump in life.

What we all need to ask ourselves when applying for jobs is: What do we want to get out of working for any company? Is it competitive pay? A month long of paid vacation? Company cars? Even though you are interviewing for a position within their company, it is still important to go into each interview with an idea of what benefits are most attractive to you. Sometimes working for a smaller company with lower employee numbers could potentially be very beneficial. Of course we would all love to work at Goldman Sachs, Apple and PricewaterhouseCoopers but if those companies do not provide great employee benefits, then is it really worth working for them? Programs like AIN prove that some companies really do care about their employees and value stewardship rather than how much money they can put in their pockets.