Published on August 9, 2013, by in Internships, Marketing.

6.19 AmyLast week when there was a lot going on in Communications, I was tasked with writing a press release about a Super Science Saturday event focused on Helicopters. I communicated directly with the education department to gather information about the event and drafted the press release before sending it on to the Media Relations Specialist. She did her edits and then it had to go to the Castle (all-Smithsonian administration) for their approval. It was cool being able to try my hand at a press release that would be released to the media.

The release can be read here: Super Science Saturday

It was picked up by the Associated Press who wrote an article on. That AP article, in turn, was picked up by a bunch of different news organizations including WTOP, Yahoo! News and strangely enough a paper in Ottawa, Canada. It was also picked up by the Washington Post which can be read here: Washington Post Article