Published on August 12, 2013, by in Internships, Journalism.

8.12 Janel ParrishJanel Parrish. Gosh it feels awesome to finally share it. My big interview that I had to keep a secret the last few posts was with “Pretty Little Lairs” star Janel Parrish. She was an absolute treat to talk with and it was completely surreal. I actually took a moment during the interview to just go ‘wow, this is awesome…’ Not out loud of course, just in my head. You can read the full Q&A here.

Her interview did have some restrictions, one of them being how long I had to talk with her. Once I set up the interview, I was told I had absolutely no more than 30 minutes to speak with her. This meant taking the time to 8.12 Parrish Questionsnarrow down questions, and hope that I can ask as much as possible in the time I had. When you deal with time constraints, I found that typing out every question I could think of asking her and then ranking them from most important to least important was a huge help.

When I finally got on the phone with her, the interview only lasted 12 minutes and I was concerned I hadn’t gotten enough 8.12 Diamond Candlesinformation, but after reviewing the transcript she gave me a lot. I asked about 12 questions and thank goodness she spoke fast and was to the point. Someone else could have made this interview double the length, if not longer, and it would have meant sacrificing questions that really made the Q&A unique.

You can see in the picture of my desktop set up prior to the interview that I have marked something in green. This was one of my back up questions to help move the interview along in case she didn’t mention a certain thing. And if you actually read the interview on the website, you’ll see that I got to use the question the green was referring too, and she allowed me to elaborate on her new movie “The Concerto” that’s coming out hopefully this year. Interviewing is an art, and it does take a lot of adaptation for bigger clients. Knowing when to pipe in about something they said and then just moving on is a skill that I’m still working on, but I think I’ve gotten much better at it. The part about “Concerto” was just too good to pass up, and I’m glad she spoke more on it because it sounds like a cool concept for a movie.

In other news, I’ve been writing an awful lot for The Daily Quirk and while only one article other than my Janel interview has been posted, I have two more that are still waiting to come up.

I wrote an article about Diamond Candles, which is one of the coolest things ever. It’s a candle that comes with a ring inside. These rings range from $10 to $5,000 and I ended up getting one for an anniversary gift. That was awesome, so you can read that article here and of course, check out Diamond Candles.

I also would like to mention that my full-time position just got real, because I got an actual Daily Quirk email. That was an awesome day for me and since it really becoming official; I have gotten to deal with a lot of new things, such as talking with publicists and retrieving photos for articles. It’s been great, and I couldn’t be more thankful!

So as school starts to come back into session, my submissions for The Daily Quirk will slow, but I hope to share my next few articles before we say goodbye to the blog.