Published on August 15, 2013, by in Internships, Marketing.

8.15 Exit FormI can’t believe that this summer is already over. This has been such an amazing internship experience that truly made this the best summer ever. When I turned in my badge on Friday and said goodbye to all of the awesome people I’ve met this summer, I didn’t want to believe that my internship was over.

#NASMlove and #teamNASM are hashtags that the Air and Space interns have taken to using on social media, especially within our NASM Summer Intern group on Facebook, whenever something really cool happens that has to do with our internship. For a while, I refrained from using them due to denial that hashtags are now on Facebook, but as I reflect on this summer, I realize that the sentiment these hashtags represent are just too true not to use.

It’s crazy to think that one minute I could be at my computer writing pitches, and then 5 minutes later I can be in a crowded museum checking out an exhibit, taking a tour with tourists from all over the world or listening to an astronaut speak. I have these awesome “is this real life?” moments on a fairly regular basis, and I’m sure that my fellow interns do as well. It is because NASM is such a cool place to work with such amazing opportunities to learn and experience new things that makes this one of the coolest summers of my life. #NASMlove

I have loved being able to work with all of the people at NASM. The people in the Communications department have been absolutely amazing to work with and the way that the museum embraces its interns made NASM such a great environment in which to work. I am so proud of all of the work that I did this summer and the work that other interns and departments did as well, including a new exhibit, the announcement of a major temporary exhibit focusing around a work of genius by da Vinci and a variety of events at the museum. #teamNASM

Before this internship, I never really would have considered working in a museum, but after this summer, I think that working for the Smithsonian would be such a fulfilling career path. I love that the Museum has helpful information that can be of great use to the media and that makes the communications efforts of the museum organic and the relationship between the museum and reporters real and true. And what’s amazing about the Smithsonian family is that so many people I worked with at NASM started as interns. To be able to return to NASM in a year or two would be a dream come true. So hopefully, it’s not goodbye, it’s see you after I have a degree! #teamNASM #NASMlove