Emily Brock, Channel 7Hey Everyone! My name is Emily Brock and I am a rising junior at High Point University with a major in business administration and a double minor in sales and finance. When deciding what I wanted to do with my summer break, I knew I wanted to do some kind of internship that would allow me to explore the type of career field I want to pursue so I could learn  firsthand what I will be doing with my life. So I chose to find a sales internship. I am very intrigued and passionate about business, and I love working with clients, so I find sales to be the path for me. With that decision, I was very lucky to land an internship with WHDH TV.

WHDH TV is NBC’s local station in Boston, Mass. I am from Charlotte, N.C., so I packed my bags and moved north to work for Channel 7! So far I am two weeks into my internship in the Sales department and I love it. I work directly with many of the WHDH AE’s and Sales Assistants. On my first day I was introduced to the station by learning about NBC, how they do sales, and what kind of work my position will entail. I was even given my own desk outside the director of sales office! You know you’re excited about something when you’re thrilled about having your own desk. I was also given some cool insiders –  like the chance to watch full episodes of pilots coming out in 2012 and 2013!

Many of the TV stations in the United States work directly with a program called OSI. OSI keeps track of all your order placements, traffic, billing, finance, etc. I have already slowly begun to work with this program learning the basics, and learning how to place the orders for advertisements sold by our AE’s. I also used the program to work with invoices. One of WHDH’s major clients is Comcast. They send out multiple types of advertisements during the same time period. So I was given the task to update their invoice order for them to overview.

Another job of mine is updating the calendar of programs. At TV stations there are program updates all the time. NBC is currently the only station airing the Olympics, so that is an example of where many changes are constantly being made. The sales department needs to keep updated on what program changes are being made so they are selling the right product. Whenever NBC makes a change to the program schedule, I am responsible for updating the calendar.

This current week I got to sit in on my first sales meeting, which, at first, was very intimidating. Right off the bat they jump into business going over commercials that have been bumped because of program changes, lists of goal clients, current space that needs to be filled, and competitor ratings. The competitor ratings went into great detail going over every major competitors programming, ratings, prices for time slots, and things we are finding that work best for their department. This meeting occurs once a week to keep all of the AE’s, assistants, and managers updated with each other’s progress!

Another task I worked with was making a CMR report book. CMR stands for competitive media report. This book is created once a month and includes net shares, zero shares, our top 100 accounts, market summary, top newspapers, etc. These books were given to all the sales managers, AE’s, and assistants.

So now you are all up to date with my progress! I will be checking in again next week!

Emily Brock

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Another busy day at work! Today I went on appointments with another designer, Lori. We met at the studio and packed up everything we needed for the day. We were scheduled to go to one of her clients that needed her piano bench reupholstered and wanted to pick out draperies for the piano room. She also needed a bench in the master bedroom reupholstered.

When we arrived we showed her the fabrics that we picked out based on her descriptions and color scheme. Her favorite color was purple and she wanted to reupholster the piano bench in a beautiful purple diamond fabric. After we figured out the yardage needed for the piano bench, we moved on to finding a matching fabric for the draperies. Originally she wanted to use silk fabric, but since silk is a natural fiber, it can deteriorate with sun exposure. The window was in the front of her house and had a lot of sun beaming through during the day, so we had her look as faux silks and other fabrics that would be more appropriate. After we got the measurements for the window, we were finished with everything downstairs.

Next up was the bench in the master bedroom. Lori showed her some of the fabrics and we left them at the client’s house so she could make a decision on which ones she liked best. I always learn so much when I go out on appointments and I look forward to them every day.

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Once-a-month F/W/V employees gather together for what is called a “Lunch and Learn.” Lunch is provided while we listen to a presentation on the latest PR and marketing trends. This past week I had the opportunity to attend my first L&L, where we discussed holograms and how they can be used for clients. Since Tupac’s “resurrection” as what appeared to be a hologram at the 2012 Coachella music festival, holograms are no longer thought of as sci-fy fantasies. The latest technology allows for holograms to represent pretty much anything or anyone! From point-of-purchase displays showing off the latest product to a keynote speaker at conventions, holograms are the most exciting trend in digital marketing technology.

The method used at Coachella is called Pepper’s Ghost, which actually isn’t a true hologram but an image and light reflection technique. . It was fascinating to learn about such a creative and ground-breaking technique.The presentation made me realize how creative you must be in this industry. Yet another great lesson learned! 

Tupac’s video….

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Glad you checked back with me! Research can be defined by the statement, “Never give up, just keep on trying.” You will see what I am talking about below…

Last time I had finished up all of my UV/Vis and Fluroescence spectral work in addition to developing and creating my method for capillary electrophoresis separation. I finally got the chance to test out my method on the Bio-Rad CE here in the lab! In order to do that, I had to make my capillary by measuring it to size, cutting gently, feeding it through the CE cartridge, and trimming the ends before inserting into the instrument. Next, I filled my vials to place in the CE (inlet/outlet buffer, 1.0 M NaOH rinse, water rinse, buffer rinse, and waste). I was ready to begin – vials ready? (check), sample ready? (check), capillary inserted? (check), method developed? (check), laser on? (check)– READY, SET, GO!

For the past three days, I altered my method by changing the injection pressure, voltage, and concentration of the sample; however, my separations were just not providing consistent, clear results. No reproducibility! Kathryn suggested running an electric diagnostic test after the current reached maximum and aborted the separation a few times. The electric diagnostic proved we could not go above 18kV – not as one would expect. It was time to consult Dr. Colyer and go to plan B!

Just as Thomas Edison tried 1,000 times to invent the incandescent light bulb, he kept trying. Thomas Edison stated, “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” This quote defines research – one must not give up with a test is not successful, but try one more time and the answer may lie ahead.

Check back for what Plan B will shed light on! (Haha, I just had to.)


Another Opening, Another Show!! 

Tonight is opening night! Everyone is so excited for the run to begin and we’re all doing our part to prepare! The lobby is all ready and we cannot wait for the public to see what we’ve been working on for the past month! Last night I was able to sit in on video interviews with some actors and the director, which will be made into a promotional video to advertise the show!

In addition to opening, I have been working on creating a few spreadsheets recently. I was given a few lists of all of the contacts we send our press releases out to, and was told to compile them all into one sheet. After I had that all together, it was my job to find who ever I could on that list on twitter and follow them. In addition to that, I started following all the Theatre Communications Group theaters in the country. TCG is a group of all the professional non-broadway theaters in the US! This was important because there is a conference coming up and our Artistic Associate will now be able to tweet at the other theaters more easily. 

SPEAKING of conferences, I am SO excited because I found out yesterday I will be attending the NCTC Producing Gathering Conference in July thanks to Triad Stage! This will be such an amazing experience for me and I will get to network with some extremely talented people in the surrounding area. I also know that at least one of my professors at HPU will be there and he believes it’ll be a great opportunity for me as well. I can’t wait to tell everyone how those three days go, but for now – I should get back to preparation! If you’re in the area, come see the show – it’s definitely magical!