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7.31 Mars DayLast Friday was Mars Day! at NASM, an event that happens every year and involves instructional and fun activities such as booths manned by the Museum’s Martian experts, the chance to see a Martian meteorite, the opportunity to maneuver a robotic rover (small scale of course!) and much more. It really is a great event, and one that people look forward to all year—I’m told that Mars Day! helpers who have worn their Mars Day! shirts on the Metro have gotten comments from other Metro riders about how much they love the event.

A few days before the event, the coordinator of Mars Day!, which is put on by the Center for Earth and Planetary Studies (CEPS), came around to try to round up some interns to assist with the event because they were in need of some more helpers. I was happy to help and was given a Mars Day! shirt and a nametag which proclaimed me a Martian Intern. I 7.31 Sadi Amywas actually assigned to a role that is relevant to the communications office. I accompanied NASM photographer Mark Avino as he took photos of the event and whenever a child was in a photo taken by Mark, I was tasked with getting their parent to sign a release. This allows us to use the photo on the website, advertising and other communications-related purposes. It was cool to see the event through the eyes of a photographer trying to capture the moment.

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7.31 Market AnalysisQuestion: How do you know the value of a property? Is it how much it cost you to build? Is it how much someone else paid in the past? Is it the NPV of the income stream generated? Is it the average value of similar homes sold over the past 6 months?

Answer: A combination of all the above.

In order to get a client to agree to an Exclusive Right to Sell contract, you need to convince them you know the value of their property and that you can get them the best price. With this you are guaranteed a commission. We start the process with a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), that shows how and why you arrive at the selling price.

Our CMA is unique to each potential home, property, neighborhood, and town. We provide comparisons of selling prices of homes similar to theirs. We include information on our sales strategy for their specific property, our recent successes, and our marketing. At the end of the presentation we provide the seller with the price we believe we can sell their home for.

While it seems very straight forward, there is more than offering the best price. Massachusetts is not on the “grid system”; our properties are often outlined by stonewalls that where built by their original owners and could be in the shape of a hexagon. To be more competitive you have to show an understanding of local legalities, including zoning laws, set back regulations, even recreational and agricultural laws. For example: with knowledge of these laws and misshapen properties, you could potentially pitch to a client that you divide their property and sell it as two separate parcels. This could result in up to an additional 1/3 of the original value. Another example would be transitioning a property from 61A zoning (agricultural use) to 61B (recreational use), saving thousands of dollars in taxes each year.

Overall, a few hours of clicking, minutes of printing, a number of paper cuts and one binding later; you have your first tool for making the big bucks, all in the form of one big “Data Dump.”

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StephenGoing into the Communications and Marketing field, I have quickly found out that there are certain software programs that are essential to your growth in this industry. As soon as I started interning at Chitika, I learned that HubSpot was the major program that is going to benefit me in my future career.

HubSpot is marketing software that brings all your marketing tools into one system that helps businesses generate leads and ultimately increase sales. My department uses HubSpot for email marketing and to help increase our contact database, which helps generate new leads and potential new publishers.

I am currently in the process of getting my HubSpot certification through their academy which consists on nine courses and an hour final exam. Not only am I learning the ins and outs of HubSpot, but everything I am learning in my courses, I get to apply with assignments I am given on a weekly basis. Becoming certified with HubSpot will open the door to networking with thousands throughout the world, and will help my resume stand out.

After doing my research on HubSpot, I found that HubSpot is having a conference in Boston called INBOUND, which is one of the world’s largest marketing conferences. I took the initiative, drafted a proposal to my boss, completed my first PO and I am now officially attending INBOUND 2013 in Boston at the end of August! INBOUND will have keynote speakers such as Seth Godin (who has spoken at HPU), Arianna Huffington (President and Editor-in-Chief, Huffington Post), Scott Harrison (CEO and Founder, Charity: Water), and many more influential business people in the marketing industry. The rest of my department will be at another conference in Pennsylvania, and I will be attending the conference with Chitika’s marketing team!

Attending this conference is not only exciting, but it’s a huge professional milestone. My department is sending me to this conference to represent our Affiliate Network team, so it’s my responsibility to represent our company, network, and bring in publishers to Chitika. This is just another reason why Chitika is so great!

Looking forward to sharing my stories about INBOUND 2013!

Stephen Lillie

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7.30 Court HouseI had the amazing opportunity of assisting a reporter who covered the sentencing of Thomas Gore, a former campaign aide to current D.C. mayor Vincent Gray, last Friday. Gore was accused of committing campaign finance violations and destroying evidence, sentencing him to sixth months in jail along with another six months in home detention. Gore will also be required to be placed on supervised home detention for 36 months. In addition, Gore lied to the FBI when questioned in order to cover up corruption, including a 7.30 Sidewalk$650,000 charge in illicit funds.

The sentencing took place at the E. Barrett Prettyman United States Federal Courthouse. The architecture is beautifully done and is in plain sight of the U.S. Capitol. Despite the unpleasant circumstances, I was thrilled about being able to attend the sentencing and witness the process first-hand. After the hour-long sentencing, the reporter I assisted, along with other reporters around the area, tried to interview Gore and his lawyer but they declined. Assuming both 7.30 InstagramGore and his lawyer had to exit the building at some point, reporters stood outside a side door waiting to ask them to be interviewed one last time.

The reporter I assisted with WTOP quickly wrote out a summary of the sentencing on his iPad and then recorded the summary via his iPhone. Within a matter of minutes, a story was written, recorded and sent to WTOP via email to be played on-air. It amazed me how quick and efficient technology is, allowing reporters to send in stories no matter where they are.

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7.30 Exhibit SignWhen I first started here at NASM, there was a lot of talk about the new “Art Exhibition” that would be opening at the end of July. This threw me a bit. I mean, I’m working at the National Air and Space Museum, I didn’t expect to help with the opening of an exhibition consisting of art. But I’m really glad that I was able to be here for this process because this exhibit is like nothing else currently displayed in the Museum.

Last week, the National Air and Space Museum launched three new exhibitions in the Flight in the Arts gallery: “High Art”, “Suited for Space” and “Searching for Goldilocks”. They are all really cool.

High Art is all flight or space related art (portraits, scenes and conceptual work), Suited for Space is a series of photographs and X-rays of Apollo spacesuits taken by NASM photographer Mark Avino, and Searching for Goldilocks is a really cool sculpture using 18 panels of glass to depict the location of Goldilocks planets (planets that are not too hot and not too cold and therefore may be able to sustain life) by Angela Palmer.

On Wednesday, July 24 we had a Press Preview of the exhibit, which officially opened on Friday, July 26. There’s a lot of prep involved in an event like this. It was being held in the exhibit (specifically in the High Art section) and it had to be set up and tested. Here’s the set-up early morning Wednesday before things got busy and crazy:

7.30 Set Up

On Tuesday, the Office of Communications was very busy prepping for the press preview/breakfast. We had to create the media kits (both paper versions in folders and flash drive versions) and I was tasked with creating a handout with information about each artist in attendance to be given to the media at the event. And true to how things work in any fast-paced environment, we had to add something early the next morning, so they had to be reprinted and re-stapled. Because the breakfast began at 9am and the media were invited to arrive at 8:30, I arrived at 7:30 to help out before it began, and I’m glad I did because it allowed me to update the Artists in Attendance sheet in plenty of time.

The Press Preview is an opportunity for the media to visit the museum before it opens to the public and hear from some people involved in the exhibit. When the media began arriving, I assisted by directing them to the gallery because it was on the second floor and we didn’t want anyone to get lost! Once the program began, the curators of the exhibits spoke as well as Angela Palmer and we even had some of the artists in attendance. Following the formal program, the press was invited to speak with the artists, the curators and the communications team. Here’s the press event in progress:

7.30 In Progress

Media speaking with Mark Avino, the photographer for Suited for Space, in the Suited for Space section of the exhibit.

Media speaking with Mark Avino, the photographer for Suited for Space, in the Suited for Space section of the exhibit.

Angela Palmer’s Searching for Goldilocks

Angela Palmer’s Searching for Goldilocks


Check out the exhibition website here, where there are some really cool photos:

All in all, it was really interesting to be involved in the planning and execution of the launch of these new exhibits, especially because it is different from what people normally expect from the National Air and Space Museum.