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Hey Everyone!

So I’m already well into my 3rd summer in Los Angeles, CA.  Previously you’ve read about my experiences in the Event Departments at both The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA and MTV Networks in Santa Monica, CA.  However, this summer I’m on a bit of a different path.  I figure there is no better time than now to give my other passion a shot. Let me share with you what my first 2 weeks back on the West Coast have been like.

I have had the opportunity to explore my passion for fashion, I guess you could say.  I’ve been investigating the world of WARDROBE for film and TV alongside the wonderful team at Moxie Pictures in Los Angeles, CA.  So far I’ve gotten to work on 3 different commercials as a wardrobe intern.  The commercials include a 4 day shoot for TIDE, a 1 day shoot for Bic, and a 3 day shoot for EA Sports.  

A typical day would be getting up at 4:30am and taking the freeway to make a 6:00am call time, and the location changes just about every day. Sometimes I drive 45 minutes to Pasadena, or over to the valley. Sometimes it’s been a little closer and just a 10 minute drive to Pacific Palisades.  Wherever the location, it’s safe to say a wardrobe stylist spends half their time in their car and the other half on set.  They practically live out of their car. A wardrobe stylist’s car usually has a sewing machine, garment bags, clothing from stores or costume houses, call sheets, safety pins and more at all times. Literally, if you can think it, it’s probably in a costumer’s car.

Not only did I have to wake up incredibly early while being extremely jet-lagged from traveling from my home in NY to my apartment in LA, but I sometimes worked 12-15 hour days.  That certainly takes some getting used to, and I threw myself into the middle of the job, not really knowing entirely what to expect. However, it’s been one of the coolest experiences I’ve had so far. I even had the opportunity to work alongside and shadow a freelance wardrobe stylist on the set of a Glamour Magazine Shoot for the September 2012 issue.

I have also committed to an internship at Eastern Costume which is a costume house in LA where I’ll be learning about and handling clothing, props, jewelry and more.  The costume house has a very good reputation among wardrobers and costumers of Hollywood.  They’ve helped dress numerous movies and commercials, and I am looking forward to working with the team at Eastern Costume starting this coming Tuesday! In addition to this internship/PA position, I am still working for MTV as a PA on events, so you can expect to be reading even more about MTV this summer, including the MTV Movie Awards 2012 and other exciting events.  I promise it’ll all be coming soon!

Here are some pictures from my experiences so far:

ABC Costume HouseABC Costume House

Site of Warner Bros. Filming Lots and Costume House

Glamour Magazine Photo Shoot and Jewelry

Glamour Magazine Photo Shoot Set

Universal Studios Costume House

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I hate to break any San Antonio Spurs fan’s hearts, but I am glad Oklahoma City won the west conference finals. It might not jump out at you at first, but the Spurs and SAS software have a lot in common in the Twitter world. They both share the same hash tag (#SAS)! So when the Spurs have a game it can make monitoring tweets with #SAS rather interesting. It is amazing all the different information you can find when monitoring Twitter. That is why it is now crucial for almost every company in the world to have a social media department. Even if you are a small startup, you can use social media to grow your customer base.

I am also excited to say that I was able to use my video production skills this week! I wasn’t expecting to be doing any video editing because SAS has its own impressive video production department. So when a manager needed a quick edit job done to shorten some meeting footage, I jumped on the opportunity. You never know when video production skills will come in handy in the marketing world. Till next week!

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A few qualities that I have already seen to be essential in this industry are: the ability to be patient yet work fast, pay close attention to detail, and ALWAYS be willing to work. When you struggle with an assignment or can’t seem to figure out what to do, you have to be patient and think creatively until you find a solution. You MUST work efficiently in the PR world. There is no time to leave wasted, you are working on strict deadlines and opportunities are always fleeting, so being able to work at an efficient pace is crucial. However, the quality of your work must not suffer at the expense of your quick pace, being detail-orientated is HUGE. When you publish something with mistakes, it is a poor reflection on your employer, the brand and yourself. Being willing to work hard is another great attribute to have as an intern. No task is too little, and you should always be asking, “What can I do next?”

I have more the beginning of my internship at French/West/Vaughan. I am excited to see what’s awaiting me in the next few months.  Stay posted! More stories, pictures, and insights are to follow.

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Hello inquisitive readers,

My name is Matt Goff and I am a rising junior majoring in accounting and minoring in finance here at HPU.  This summer I am interning at Scott & Stringfellow in Greensboro, NC.  For those of you who do not know, S&S is a wholly-owned nonbank subsidiary of BB&T Corporation. According to the company: “The firm has operated as a full-service regional brokerage and investment banking firm serving individual, institutional, corporate, and municipal clients.  Their Capital Markets division allows them to offer their retail client base a broad range of equity and fixed income research, new issue equity and debt products originated by their investment bankers, and secondary liquidity through their equity and fixed income trading desks. In addition, BB&T Capital Markets assists their corporate clients with their investment banking needs; including public and private equity and debt offerings, merger and acquisition advice, institutional sales and trading, portfolio evaluations, and corporate banking products.”

I will be working with one of Scott & Stringfellow’s top ten financial advisors performing equity research and portfolio management functions.  My experience with the Floyd T. Craven Investment Club and the outstanding preparation provided by my accounting and finance professors has prepared me well for this internship. Among many things, I believe this internship will introduce me to managing behavioral finance aspects of clients in a highly volatile market.

Yesterday, started my second week at S&S and I have plenty of projects and tasks to gain valuable experience on.  For one of my projects, I have been tasked with analyzing several different Mutual Funds, ETFs, and Lifetime Portfolio funds on their radar to determine which ones, based on the fund’s allocations, match their macroeconomic views for the future.  Among many things, here are a couple things to keep in mind.  Key ratios to look at are Jensen’s Alpha, the Sharp Ratio and the Treynor Ratio. These are statistical ratios to measure risk and volatility within the fund.  Another metric to pay attention to is to find an appropriate benchmark to compare the funds performance. If it’s a domestic equity fund, the S&P 500 is a good choice, and if it is a bond fund Barclay’s Aggregate Index is good too. When analyzing these funds, you also want to know the management’s track record and if the funds have switched managers recently.  I hope that gives you a top level understanding of what this entails.

Well, that leaves me until next time where I’ll talk about other projects I’m working on here at Scott & Stringfellow! 

Warmest regards,

Matt Goff

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In my last update, I had completed the spectral studies with UV/Vis and Fluorescence where I collected data for the excitation and emission wavelengths. I found out my excitation wavelength was 618 nm, which helped me to determine the emission wavelength of 656 nm. With those tasks complete, it was time to start forming my Capillary Electrophoresis method. I met with Dr. Colyer to review some research on using a phosphate buffer instead of a carbonate with the SQBA dye, what size capillary to use, and CE methods. After our discussion, I decided to use a 25 μm i.d. (inside dimensions) x 50 cm effective length (length between the inlet and the detector in a CE) capillary. Since my emission wavelength was 656 nm, a 635 laser to excite the fluorophores in the dye would be best for the CE.

Kathryn, a graduate student in the lab, allowed me to shadow her while she explained her method and how to use the instrument software package. This was very interesting…did not know this could be so complicated while yet so simple! It took me a day to create my method for initial conditioning of the capillary for first-time use (very important to do this right), daily conditioning, and my separation method. Daily conditioning consists of flushing the capillary with Deionized-Distilled (DI) water for 10 minutes followed by a 1.0 M NaOH solution for 10 minutes before another 10 minutes of DI water. Finally the last step is to use my “run” buffer, or phosphate buffer at a pH of 10.0. Now the capillary is ready for separation. Separation methods can vary depending upon what one is looking for.

Let’s not get the cart before the horse…I will let you know more about first CE experiments next time! Check back for more exciting stuff here in the lab!