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Day two of my internship with Percepture Inc. went amazing once again, and I was finally able to dig my nose into work. Before work began, I received a huge green Percepture Inc. beach towel and water bottle. I started off the day by researching a handful of clients I would be directly working with all summer. Stephanie (Manager of Client Services and Social Media) had me create a list of the clients, target audiences, blogs in relations etc. Once I compiled these lists I went over each client with Steph. This was a great first day because it prepared me for any future work I will be doing with the clients. Understanding clients and their backgrounds was a very simple task because I have researched and studied clients in many of my communication classes, so it came naturally. Also, during day two I sat in on a few client conference calls and took notes to keep me up-to-date on what projects the clients were working on.

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Hello! I am three weeks deep into my internship at SAS Institute in Cary, NC. SAS is the leader in business analytics software and services.  I am fortunate to be interning with the Competitive Sales Intelligence (CSI) team and as part of the Social Media Monitoring and Response (SMMR) pilot team. For the CSI team,  I conduct research through social media on major competitors of SAS in the software industry. I am the eyes and ears for the CSI team on Twitter, Linkedin, and other micro blogs. Gaining information on what users like and dislike about competitors of SAS is valuable information for how to market SAS products in the future.

For the SMMR team, I help monitor Twitter and Linkedin traffic for customer service and potential sales leads. The team answers any questions people might have about their current SAS products or give them any information on SAS products they are seeking to purchase, all while maintaining a positive image of the company. So far I have been learning more everyday about analytics software industry and SAS’offerings. It is great to be able to apply my skills learned in the classroom to real world business situations. I’ll check in with you again next week!

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Hello readers, my name is Angela Tagliareni. Thanks for reading. My internship with Percepture Inc. began today and I have never been more excited! Percepture Inc. is a public relations firm that is located in New York City, Chicago and Branchburg, New Jersey. I live in the beautiful state of New Jersey and travel about half an hour to the Branchburg office. Having an internship makes me extremely excited for the real world. High Point has truly prepared for the next steps in my life, and my current internship is just confirming my success.

First days at internships are the best because they remind me of the first day of school. New business outfit, cute bag to match filled with my agenda and new pens/pencils. What is great about Percepture Inc. is that I am not only working alongside Account Executive Marie Pace and Manager of Client Services and Social Media Stephanie Stabulis, but I am also working with President of Percepture Inc. Thor Harris. The coming weeks are going to be filled with new challenges and learning opportunities. When I interviewed for the internship, after being told I received the position, Thor Harris said that summer is meant for three things, make some money, have fun and learn something new!


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Hello everyone!

So today I preformed a PCR (polymerase chain reaction).  This technique I had already learned about in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and had even preformed it in Molecular Biology lab.  It was great being able to use what I had learned in my High Point classes to understand my internship.

My goal was to use PCR to amplify a portion of a gene that codes for my receptor GPR109A.   I want to see if this gene is expressed in epithelium cells of human retina.  The retina is divided into ten different layers.  We had already found GPR109A in the retinal pigment epithelium but now we want to understand where else it may be.  GPR109A’s location helps determine its function.  So before we consider using it as a drug target, we want to understand everywhere the gene is expressed and what happens when it activated in that area.

Tomorrow I will be running a electrophoresis gel.  If bands are present then, we know there is expression of GPR109A in the epithelium cells of the retina.  I’ll get  back to you all soon!

Mary Funke
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On Monday June 4th I went to work at 10:00 and helped out on an appointment with Paula who is the owner of Sew Fine II. For this particular appointment the client is in the process of redoing two of her bathrooms. In order to prepare for this appointment Paula took me to Frazee carpet and interiors to find tile for her bathroom floors and shower.  We found three options for her to choose from that fit the style and color she needed and we showed them to her.  On a previous meeting with this client we had picked out wallpaper for the bathrooms and by placing the tile next to the wallpaper samples we were able to find the perfect match for the bathroom.  The next step in the process is installation which I will keep you updated on!

Today my schedule was to come in at 1:00pm for an appointment with another designer named Barbra. Every day I have different times that I need to come to the studio depending on appointments and installations. At the studio we prepared for the appointment by gathering up the correct fabrics for the customer and making sure we had everything we needed. The appointment was a home in Chapel Hill. When we arrived we were guided to the room that the client needed a custom window treatment for. The client had been into the studio earlier in the week and had picked out the fabric that she wanted to be used on the window. The window treatment is going to be installed into her 18 year old daughter’s bedroom using a fun black and white fabric that matched the zebra print in her room.  Barbra taught me how to correctly measure for grommet style curtains and calculate the cost. After we finished we drew up the contract and will be installing them in a couple of weeks! Hopefully I can take some pictures for everyone to see.

After this appointment we had to go to a different house in Chapel Hill to install three roman shades. This appointment was different because we were actually installing the shades instead of measuring. Normally most of the installations are done by our installer but since this one was fairly basic Barbra and I were able to do it ourselves. Every time I go out on appointments with the designers I meet new people and I absolutely love it!