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This internship marks the first “real world” experience I get to put under my belt. Walking into the building, I didn’t know what to expect. No one took me by the hand; but if I had a question they answered it. Other than that, I was mostly left to find my own way. Just in the first day, I did a few hours worth of research on marketing tactics of a competitor brand, attended three meetings, learned how to multitask, filled out some new-employee paperwork, then snapped this picture in my cubicle to commemorate my survival. By interning here, I hope to gain a good grasp of the teamwork spirit I see in all the employees around me.

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I started week 2 of my internship today, and it has been nonstop! Whenever a client has an event, not only do we write the news release to be sent out to all of our different media contacts, but we also create a calendar release to be sent out to many different community and social sites to be put on their events calendar. I kind of wish that these sites operated like the Common App – put all the info in once and then click send. But sadly it does not! Twenty-two times I had to input all the information for an event into different sites. Although the work was tedious, it taught me how much really goes into providing service for a client. Not only do you have to make sure they are presented in the best light, but also that their events are being put out there and that the public knows about them.

So far, everything is great! Check out to check out some of the things I’ve been working.

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Starting my third week as a Branch Manager today. Beginning the painting process on the fourth house, and I’m really starting to delegate tasks and manage my employees efficiently! These past two weeks have been plagued with rain, but that has really forced me to learn a lot about logistics, scheduling, and communication with customers. Overall, I’m seeing a huge improvement on the efficiency of my business!

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This Monday, I started my summer internship at Kaye Communications in Boca Raton, Florida where I’ll gain experience in marketing, PR and event planning. Almost everything that I have learned in my Foundations in Strategic Communicaton and Princples of Marketing courses have helped me in my work so far. This really shows how High Point University is preparing its students for the real world, work life. This week, I’ve been doing a lot of writing, which I love! I’ve been given press releases to write and edit, and to my surprise, my bosses Bonnie and Jon loved them! It’s pretty cool that my work will be released online and in print.

To read more about my summer internship, check out my blog:

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Welcome back! For my blog readers from last year and new readers just tuning in, I am thrilled to return back to Wake Forest University as an Undergraduate Research Assistant this summer with many thanks to Dr. Christa Colyer. Last year, with the help of my academic advisor in the Chemistry Department of High Point University, I was chosen by Dr. Colyer to conduct research in her lab. It provided an amazing opportunity to gain experience in an analytical chemistry lab, how to conduct research, the techniques to using lab instrumentation, and more. I was ecstatic when Dr. Colyer invited me to return, so hold on because this summer is sure to be an amazing ride!

I returned back to the Wake Forest campus last Wednesday, May 9, just a few days after the Spring Semester at HPU ended. As with most jobs…the paperwork must be completed first. With all of the HR paperwork completed, my DeaconONE I.D. card designating me as “Temporary Staff” obtained, and my lab keys picked up, I was ready to research! Dr. Colyer and I met to discuss the summer research goals and review safety procedures in the laboratory. It felt good to be back with the friends I made last year here in the Colyer lab – Ben, Theresa and Kathryn.

To start my summer research, I began these first few days by conducting a literature search of journal articles related to the research project. I will be working with a new dye, SQ-BA. We are searching for run buffers around pH 10.0 that will enable separation of simple monosaccharide sugars with the SQ-BA dye for capillary electrophoretic analysis. 

Stay tuned for my updates…I must get back to reading!