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7.22 Board RoomMy summer at Halloran & Sage is going great. The other day I attended my first deposition. A deposition is a process where an attorney is allowed to question a witness about facts, knowledge, and any other information pertaining to a case. In this situation I was shadowing the attorney who was representing the witness who was being deposed.

The day before the deposition, we called the witness into the office and did a practice round so he would know what to expect. We helped him understand how to answer questions, and prepared him for what questions would be asked. Depositions can be intense and very long. We simulated those aspects just so he understood what to expect.

The following day the attorney I was shadowing, the witness, the opposing attorney, and myself, along with a court reporter all met in the conference room. The court reporter’s duty was record every spoken word, that is on the record, and mark evidence. This deposition went on for approximately four hours, and in the end the battle which was the deposition ended in a draw. Our witness wasn’t the strongest, however he gave great answers that didn’t give the other attorney much to work with. It was a very interesting experience.

This experience was great for me. It allowed me to see how difficult some of the rigors of being an attorney really are. An attorney has to not only know what questions to ask, but also know how to ask those questions. Figuring out in which way to ask a question is extremely important in many aspects of an attorney’s job. The deposition was interesting and long, but it was an experience that I will remember in the future.

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Olivia FrenchProduction is wrapping up on the August/September issue, and as we get closer to print, the entire magazine is becoming real. Today, I had the opportunity to work with the production manager, Rob, with the layout and finalizing of the magazine. First, I used InDesign to convert all of the (99% done) pages to PDFs, and then I printed out all 190 pages and assembled them into a book for the editor-in-chief to look at. It’s a really important step, because not only is it the first time that we see the issue in a form that’s close to the way it will look in print, but it also gives the editors a chance to catch mistakes and to make sure that everything looks good together. Additionally, we put all of the pages up on a wall in the office, in the order that they will appear in the magazine with ads included to get a sense of what everything looks like together. Then the changes started. We moved pages and ads around to make sure that everything flowed nicely, and that nothing was competing for attention. While we were doing this, I got a chance to talk to Rob a lot about production, ads, and the like. It was interesting because I haven’t learned anything about that stuff in school yet, so I got to see it all with completely new eyes. Needless to say, it was a very informative day for me!

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6.19 AmyAlthough I spend the majority of my time working on my Hometown News intern project, I also assist in the communications office when needed. This week I helped on two notable projects.

Recently, the Thomas W. Haas foundation donated 6 million dollars to be used at our public observatory, which was renamed the Phoebe Waterman Haas Public Observatory upon receipt of the donation, in honor of Thomas Haas’ grandmother. What is so fascinating about this news is the story of Phoebe Haas’ education and career. She was one of the very first women to receive her PhD in Astronomy and she earned it exactly one hundred years ago, in 1913, which is pretty crazy to think about. Phoebe Haas accomplished this feat at a time when most women involved in astronomy worked at computers, performing data analysis and making calculations in support of the men who actually conducted research. She was an amazing and extremely interesting woman and I would recommend reading more about her in this blog . Anyway, it occurred to us that University of California, Berkeley, the college that awarded Phoebe Haas her revolutionary degree, would probably be interested in knowing that one of their remarkable alumnae was being honored. So I was tasked with figuring out who was best to contact, call and pitch. This was great experience in pitching over the phone, something I am becoming more and more comfortable with as my internship progresses.

Yesterday, I was asked to fact check an article about High Art, an exhibition that is opening here at the museum next week. A task that may normally be mundane and boring, this time the process of fact-checking was actually quite interesting. This is because it involved going downstairs and comparing the information in the article to the actual exhibit. It was very cool being able to check out the exhibit before it opens to the public, knowing that in one week this quiet and deserted exhibit will be filled with people, just as every part of the museum is during the summer. This is definitely one really cool aspect of working at the museum—being able to see things that the public doesn’t have access to, or checking things out before the public has access. We’re working hard on preparing for the Art Exhibition to open, and I’ll update you more on that next week after the Press Preview.

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7.18 Run Finish LineAs I have said before, one thing I love about my internship is that there is always something new! This past weekend I was able to shoot two different events; a 5K that The Ulman Cancer Fund had the pleasure of being a beneficiary of, and the arrival of our 4K for Cancer Run Team!

Filming things and capturing moments is always enjoyable, but I love going to events like these because I am able to document some of people’s most emotional accomplishments. I see people doing their first 5K and they struggle and push themselves the whole way, but they come across the finish line with a face of triumph and happiness. I was also able to talk about our organization and answer questions with my fellow intern, Erica.

The 4K for Cancer Run arrival was an emotional event because the runners just spent 30 days away from their families, running nearly a half marathon every day in honor of their friends and loved ones, and had finally finished! The footage gathered at this event in addition to what I shot while in Missouri will work to create a great promotional piece for the run program.

I hope that when I graduate I am able to have a job as satisfying and worthwhile as this internship has been this summer!

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7.18 Girl Most LikelyEverything has finally slowed down on the internship front. Now that all my interviews are done, transcripts are written, and articles posted, I’m in this awkward space. I’m used to keeping busy, and after being so busy these past few weeks for it to slow so much this week is weird.

Though I’ve been doing a lot of smaller things for the site recently. I have written several small articles that go along with video clips from movies, as well as full articles to go with movies. I’ve written articles for “Fruitvale Station” and “Girl Most Likely,” plus written smaller articles for “Girl Most Likely.”

7.18 Fruitvale StationMy “Fruitvale Station” article was given a favorite by the movie’s twitter account, which was very cool. I always do my best when I find out my articles are receiving favorites or re-tweets to personally thank the person. Half the time I never hear back, but it makes me feel like I’ve done the right thing when I reach out to say thanks.

In other news, I have an article coming out in the next few weeks about swimming as an exercise, that I really enjoyed writing. I was a swimmer for 15 years and it was basically all I lived for throughout high school, so getting to combine my knowledge of the sport and it’s benefits with the research I conducted was exciting.

On top of all this, I discovered that there is another HPU student writing for The Daily Quirk. I had no idea, and I’ve had classes with her in the past so it was kind of interesting to see a familiar face (so to speak) on the intern list.

I know it might seem like I’ve been keeping busy, but that’s all from last week! This week I have two articles I’m working on that aren’t due until mid-August. My plan to keep myself constantly working? Finish my articles as soon as possible and then start working on new ones soon after.

Now we are on to some good news I received. On Friday, I had volunteered for an article and my managing editor emailed me back saying that we needed to have a heart to heart. My initial reaction was that I had done something wrong, because I had been very eager from the beginning to volunteer and write. I had hoped I hadn’t come off too eager to write.

7.18 ResumeShe told me she was thankful for my eagerness to write and was happy with the quality of my writing. After that, she asked me to join their team as a full time blogger for The Daily Quirk! I could not have been more excited. I actually called my mom and fiancé and could barely speak. This meant that I’d have my first real job as a journalist. I could not be more thrilled for this opportunity! Having this kind of job now means, at least for now, I don’t have to stress about finding another job immediately for after graduation… BUT! I will be searching for another, more full time position after graduation this year.

All in all, this has been such an amazing experience, and I can’t wait to continue chronicling my unique experience with The Daily Quirk.

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