Critical Information

Windows Vulnerabilities

Please be sure to run Windows Update on a regular basis to combat any vulnerabilities that may surface.

When you are downloading applications make sure to read what is being installed with the application. Some programs that are included that can be harmful to your computer and cause problems with your connection are programs like:

  • Sendori
  • Stronghold/ strong vault

Lastest Virus Information

Below is the most recent information on top threatening viruses currently. The virus list opens in a new window, which can be found here. Simply click on the Virus name to view more information about the virus…

Spyware and Virus Removal

If your computer is running slower than normal, and you continue to see popup windows when online, your machine has more than likely been infected with Spyware. Clients who have installed shareware tools such as Frostwire, Limewire, MP3 Rocket, Shareza, or any other peer-to-peer (P2P) application are susceptible to a host of third-party applications designed to monitor and track personal information, including websites visited, credit card information, and other information that should be kept private.

Solutions? Unfortunately, simply uninstalling these programs will not solve all of your problems. Over the past few months, we’ve dealt with a number of students who have had to go as far as re-installing their operating systems in order to rectify the havoc created by these applications.

A tool that we have found very useful in determining whether or not machines have been infected with spyware is Spybot 2. This tool will not only identify applications that are invading your privacy, but also try to clean them. There is also a useful tutorial on how to install and run this tool.