How do I Download and Use Cisco Jabber?

Cisco Jabber is a Unified Communications client that serves corporate communication and collaboration needs. It enables productivity from anywhere through Presence, instant messaging, voice, video, voice messaging, desktop sharing, and conferencing.

  • NOTE: There are known issues with downloading from Internet Explorer. If you encounter problems, try using either Firefox or Chrome.
  • To begin the installation of the Cisco Jabber client, sign into Blackboard and find the installer located in the software tab
  • If you are using Chrome and you see a message at the bottom of your screen, click KEEP and then click CiscoJabberSetup.msi in the bottom right corner.





  • Click “Accept and Install” 



  • Make sure the box next to “Launch Cisco Jabber” is checked and click “Finish”



  • You will see the following dialog box – enter the information exactly as seen here and click “Save”



  • Your Jabber client should pop up and you can log in using your HPU Webmail login information. If it does not pop up automatically, check the task bar for the icon and click on it. 



  • Once you sign in, your Jabber client will look like the image below (with a red X in the bottom-right corner). Click on File then Options. Click on Phone accounts, enter your login information again, and click “OK.” You will only need to do this once.




  • You should notice the red X has now disappeared



  • Next, choose whether or not you would like to use your computer or your office phone for calls. If you use a headset, you can choose either. If you do not use a headset, you will want to choose to use “Use my phone for calls” and select the model phone you have. To do this, click on the computer icon in the lower-right corner of the Jabber window.



  • You can now use the Jabber client
  • Click HERE to watch a short tutorial video on the Jabber client