Cable Box

How Do I Know What the Basic TV Channels Are?

Here is a channel guide for people without Cable Boxes Dorms with standard cable are: Belk Blessing The Complex Finch Millis University Center 2 Village 1 & 2 Wilson Wanek Center York  

Who Is My Cable Provider?

Time Warner Cable Belk Blessing Finch McEwen Millis North Point Place Apartments Village I Village II Wesley Wilson Yadkin York North State Centennial Greek Village North College Court North College Terrace North College Townhomes University Owned Housing U-ville

I Have a Time Warner Cable Cable Box

Plug Coax cable into Video In Coax port, or Ethernet cable into Network port (depending on location.  There will be only one input) Choose an output to plug the TV up with. Plug in Power cord

I Have a Northstate Plex Box

To WALL (Video In) Connect to wall if a coax wall port is provided. To TV (Video Out) Connect to TV. You must set the channel on your TV to the channel designated by your service provider (usually channel 3). Contact your service provider for the channel information Network Connect to the Ethernet (CAT-5) network at your home, if applicable YPbPr Connect the receiver to the component video input (YPbPr) on the HDTV. See pages 13 and 14 for more information S-Video Connect an S-Video cable to send an S-Video signal to your TV, VCR, or DVD recorder. This signal is standard-defi nition but Read more

I have a Zhone Cable Box

Set up Zhone Box Plug Ethernet cable into GE1 and Plug the other end into Wireless Router WAN port Plug Ethernet cable into GE2 and plug the other end into Cable Plex Box Plug Ethernet cable into GE3 and GE4 plug the other ends into Orange Wall Jacks Plug Power Cord into power port and power strip. Make sure the power button is depressed   Set up Wireless Router

How do I Fix My Cable Box?

The type of cable box that you have in your room depends on where you live. Click on the links below to find out how to fix your cable box. Click here to find out who your service provider is. I have a Zhone Box I have a Northstate Plex Box I have a Time Warner¬†Cable Box