Should I Buy a Mac or a PC?

It is entirely up to you. Both offer student discounts and are supported on campus.

My Computer has a Virus

If your computer has a virus then please bring it by the IT department so we can remove it. We run our virus removal tools and make sure that we remove all of the infections from your computer. Antivirus Protection Here are some links to free virus protection for your PC: Microsoft Security Essentials  Malwarebytes Avira Download one of these tools for free if your machine is not currently protected from viruses circulating the internet.

Minimum Requirements & Suggested Software

Any computer purchased within the last two years will likely meet our minimum recommendations for accessing our campus network. If you are considering purchasing a new computer please review the following recommendations for your machine. Remember, that hardware needs may vary based on a student’s major. If you have additional questions or need more information please contact the Help Desk at or at (336) 841-9147. Personal Computer Processor: Core i5/i7 Processor; AMD Turion 64 bit or Athlon processor 64 bit Memory: 4GB or higher Hard Drive: 500 GB or higher or 256 GB and an external Hard Drive 500+ Read more

Computer & Software Purchase Programs

High Point University offers discounts to three websites. Dell and Mac offer a student discount when purchasing computers. Our software purchasing program is through a company called Varsity Buys. Dell Computer Purchase Program Apple Computer Purchase Program Software Purchase Program Click here to see the minimum requirements and suggested software