Can I redirect my HPU email to another email address?

Yes, you can redirect your HPU email address to another email address. This means that every email that is received to your HPU email address will be forwarded to another email account. Just make sure that when you reply to messages they are being sent from your HPU account. Below is a link to a short video on how to do this.

Android Email Setup

Android Webmail Setup: 1. Go into Settings – swipe down from the top and choose the gear icon in the top right corner 2. Choose “Accounts” 3. Click “Add Account” 4. Select “Corporate” or “Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync” 5. Enter your e-mail address and password 6. Click “Manual Setup” 7. Under “Domain/username,” enter your entire e-mail address. Do not include any \’s (see picture) 8. Enter as the server 9. Make sure that the Use Secure Connection (SSL) is checked 10. On the “Activation” window, click “Ok” 11. On the “Remote security administration” window, click “Ok” 12. Click “Next” 13. Read more

iPhone Email Instructions

iPhone Webmail Setup: 1. Go to “Settings” 2. Open “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” 3. Click “Add Account” 4. Choose “Exchange” 5. Enter e-mail, password, and description 6. Click “Next” Your account should be added! If you are brought to a second page, please complete the following steps: 7. Enter as the server 8. Leave “Domain” blank 9. Under “Username,” enter your entire e-mail address. 10. Make sure the “Email” section includes your e-mail address only once 11. Click “Done” 12. Your account has been added!