Do I Need Virus Protection on My Mac?

Macs that are running the most recent version of OS X – OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion includes the GateKeeper function that by default prevents Mac users from installing anything other than Apple-approved software. If you do not have the newest OS X you can upgrade your system through the App Store for $20. For more information about this click here  

Should I Buy a Mac or a PC?

It is entirely up to you. Both offer student discounts and are supported on campus.

Minimum Requirements & Suggested Software

Any computer purchased within the last two years will likely meet our minimum recommendations for accessing our campus network. If you are considering purchasing a new computer please review the following recommendations for your machine. Remember, that hardware needs may vary based on a student’s major. If you have additional questions or need more information please contact the Help Desk at or at (336) 841-9147. Personal Computer Processor: Core i5/i7 Processor; AMD Turion 64 bit or Athlon processor 64 bit Memory: 4GB or higher Hard Drive: 500 GB or higher or 256 GB and an external Hard Drive 500+ Read more

Computer & Software Purchase Programs

High Point University offers discounts to three websites. Dell and Mac offer a student discount when purchasing computers. Our software purchasing program is through a company called Varsity Buys. Dell Computer Purchase Program Apple Computer Purchase Program Software Purchase Program Click here to see the minimum requirements and suggested software