O Drive

How do I Connect to My O Drive on a Mac?

Below are the step by step instructions to manually map your O drive to a Mac computer: Click “Go” From the drop down choose “Connect to Server…” You can also use the keyboard shortcut:¬†command key + K Enter in the below path depending on your role at the university Student path: smb://storageserver/2students$/(username) Faculty path: smb://storageserver/2faculty$/(username) Staff path: smb://storageserver/2staff$/(username) Click the + button to add the path to your favorites list Click “Connect” Your O Drive should now open  

How do I Connect to My O drive on a PC?

To map the O drive on a PC computer, you can use the Campus O Drive Connector for Windows. The file can be downloaded from the Software Tab in Blackboard. Below are the step by step instructions. Download the file from the Software Tab in Blackboard and save the file somewhere¬†convenient, like your desktop Open the program and choose which type of network user you are You will be prompted for your username -and your password If you entered your credentials correctly, your O dive will be mapped successfully ¬†Open “Computer” in your start menu and your O drive will Read more

Network Resources & VPN Access

Network Resources Students, faculty and staff are all provided with access to a minimum of two network drives. These drives are located on HPU servers and are backed up regularly. We encourage all users to save any University related work to at least one of these folders. Your O: Drive is your personal share space and can be accessed while on campus or while off campus using VPN. The W: Drive is a public drive most often used for personal websites or for providing public access to documentation. To map your drives while on campus: For Windows Users: For O Drive:  Click HERE.  For W Read more