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Learning Communities (known as LCs) are a part of the dynamic residential living options at High Point University.  Learning Communities encourage first year students with similar interests, both inside and outside of the classroom, to actively engage in a rich collaborative learning environment. These communities expand the learning opportunities shared not only in the classroom, but also in the residential community.  These vibrant and optional learning communities are made possible by combining the strengths of Academic Affairs and Student Life on campus and are supported by faculty members who want to focus on student-centered intellectual purpose that will enhance the resident’s academic goals.  Your success in these communities and your academic courses will require dedication and hard work but can be incredibly rewarding.

Learning Communities provide an interdisciplinary learning experience as well as peer-to-peer connections.  Additionally, you will have structured out of class activities that will be led by your Peer Mentor and supported by faculty members.  Learning Communities enroll cohorts of students (typically 18 to 20), with purposefully linked courses, designed to promote connections between disciplines and beyond the classroom.

Before you make your decision on joining an HPU LC, please study and be aware of the commitment you are making.  There are no additional costs for you to be a member of a Learning Community, but you are joining a residential community (which may require an additional investment) as well as committing to the class schedule of the LC.

To help you with this decision, consider reading the benefits that national research on learning communities have concluded can be attributed to learning communities.


General InterestArts ALIVE

Global Citizenship

Healthy Living: Exercise and Nutrition

Minds, Machines, and Human Beings

Outdoor Adventures & Sustainability

Pre-Law: What is Truth?

SocialJustice: Human Rights & Human Wrongs

Students Interested In Science & Math
Art & DesignNature of Design

School of BusinessBusiness Entrepreneurship
School of CommunicationCommunication
School of EducationPutting Creativity in Education
SciencesHealthy Living: Exercise and Nutrition

Health Professions

Students Interested In Science and Math

Students Interested In Psychology, Exercise Science or Athletic Training

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