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10 Benefits of a Learning Community

To help you with this decision, consider the following benefits that national research on learning communities have concluded can be attributed to learning communities:

  1. Improved academic performance. Students in learning communities (LCs), earn higher grades than students who chose not to participate in a LC ( data from The National Center for Learning Communities).
  2. Much higher overall success rates. Higher numbers of LC students return for their sophomore year than non-LC participants. In addition, LC students have much higher four and five year graduation rates. Bottom-line: LC students experience more academic and social success!
  3. More interaction with faculty members.  Because LC students take the same courses, they have a “common academic experience” that provides an opportunity to become better acquainted with one another and their faculty instructors.
  4. Deep lasting friendships. Because LC students tend to interact more with one another, they form deep, meaningful and lasting friendships as well as social networks throughout their college years and beyond.
  5. Greater involvement on campus. Students in learning communities tend to be more involved in campus activities, clubs and organizations and this contributes to a greater sense of belonging.
  6. Higher satisfaction with the overall college experience. LC students are not only very satisfied with their LC experience; they are more satisfied with college in general.
  7. Learn new skills. Because students are expected to learn from one another, LC participants learn team building, leadership and collaboration skills.
  8. Students support one another. In any community, members are committed to one another’s welfare and success. Hence, LC students support each other through “study groups”, peer tutoring and preparation for tests and exams.
  9. Guaranteed courses.  Because LC`s are created around common courses, when students join, their course registration is relatively easy because their courses are guaranteed.
  10.  Enjoyment. Finally, participants in learning communities, report a higher level of overall enjoyment during their first year in college.

Remember, this is one living option for you.  College begins a journey of many choices and decisions that you will have to make.  But what a journey of excitement it will be.   All students have LC options and even if you are still deciding your academic path, each academic school provides opportunities for you.

Should you choose a Learning Community, you will be assigned a specific residential building, as well as  part of your academic schedule.  This is not something that is easily changed.  You will be matched with a roommate who shares a similar lifestyle as well as LC preference.  Students will have a minimum of two courses together and live on the same residential hall or within close proximity of residential communities.  Media Fellows and Honors Scholar learning communities are by invitation only.

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