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Do I have to take all required classes associated with the Learning Community?

Yes, to maximize the benefit of the Learning Community (LC), each student must take all classes associated with the LC.   These courses will be reserved for you when you select participation in the LC.


How do I sign up for a Learning Community?

You will access the housing portal after January 31.  During this process, you will complete the lifestyles questionnaire, opt to build a profile and participate in the engine search with other students that match your profile, complete your LC preferences section and then complete your building preferences.  Due to limited space and allowance for your personal preferences, not every incoming student will participate in a Learning Community.  When the housing allocation has been completed in May, along with your housing assignment, you will receive notification regarding your LC assignment.   If you attend an Early Registration in March or April, and the Learning Community is not full, you will be assigned to the desired Learning Community along with your course schedule.  Remember, if you do not initially get into a LC of your choice, the Office of Student Life will work from a wait list and try to achieve your first choice.


Do I have to live in the residence hall where the LC is housed?

Yes, you must live in the designated residential community in order to participate in the LC.  But, remember that you will also live amongst students who do not belong to an LC.  You get the opportunity to connect with LC classmates, as well as non-LC classmates.


What if I decide to join a LC after receiving my housing assignment?

The Office of Student Life will maintain a waitlist for students wanting to join an LC.  This wait list will be maintained and managed until July 31.


What if I am in a LC and I decide to change my academic major?  Do I have to move?

No.  Your LC is not necessarily linked to your academic program of study; for some students, it’s an obvious match to your academic program.  However, if you are still exploring and deciding, there are many LC opportunities for your first year experience.  And the good news, your housing is assigned for the entire academic year.  Changes can be made based on availability.

Will my roommate be a member of the LC?

Typically, we try to make sure the residential LC students reside together on the same hall.  Therefore, your roommate will more than likely be in your LC.  Students have the ability to rank their building preferences, rank their roommate, as well as rank their preferred LC.  However, if you select the LC option, that will override your building preference and/or roommate preference.  With limited availability, we will do our best to provide your preferences in all categories.  However, we do base housing allocation on the admission decision date and paid deposit date.

Will I be able to use AP (Advanced Placement) credit for a course(s) in a Learning Community?

To get the full benefit of the LC, all courses in the LC must be taken for credit.


What if I’ve requested a specific roommate?

Be sure that you and your preferred roommate have similar interest in the Learning Community.  If not, and you want to be in an LC, try to find an LC that interests both of you.  Remember, your priority of housing will be based on your Admission decision and deposit date paid within that category.  For example, if you are an Early Decision Student and your preferred roommate is Regular Decision, your LC placement and building preference allocation will move to the date of the Regular Decision student’s date of paid deposit.


Can I take any classes other than those in my LC?

Absolutely!  LC course requirements are 2 or 3 courses.  Generally, you will choose 1 to 2 additional courses, up to 16 to 18 total credits.


What if I decide after signing up and registering for classes, that I don’t wish to participate in the LC?

This is okay; however, this will change your housing placement and potentially your academic schedule.  Students will be able to make changes to their LC preferences via the housing portal until we turn the housing portal off, the end of April.


What if I decide I don’t wish to participate in the LC and do not sign up for one before attending an Early Registration event?

This is okay.  You do not have to participate in an LC if you do not want to.


Does it cost anything to be in a Learning Community?

No.  However, there are residential communities that have specific amenities that may increase the yearly investment.  But we do have LCs in all Freshman residential options.


I don’t have a major, so should I consider participation in a Learning Community?

Absolutely!  Our esteemed faculty has specifically designed LCs that are geared for students still deciding on their major.  The required courses of the LCs count toward hours for graduation and are often general education requirements needed for all academic majors.

Why is the number of students in each LC limited to 18 to 20?

We have intentionally designed the LCs to provide students the opportunity to engage with a small group of peers both inside and outside of the classroom.


I have confirmed a roommate; however, our LC preferences are different?

Be sure that you and your preferred roommate have your Learning Community preferences in the same order. If your preferences do not match, you will not be placed together.


I have confirmed a roommate and our LC preferences match. Are we 100% guaranteed to be together?

The Office of Student Life will do our best to accommodate your request. However, you are not guaranteed to be placed together based on assignment order and number of spots in LCs.  If you are not placed together through the initial housing assignment, we will work our waiting list until July 31st.



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