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Minds, Machines, and Human Beings Learning Community

[General Interest] College of Arts & Sciences

Can computers think?  Is the human mind nothing more than an extremely fast computer?  Are human beings nothing more than extremely complex machines? In this Learning Community, students interested in majors as diverse as Computer Science, Gaming, Physics, and Psychology will explore the existential dimensions of the twenty-first century’s revolutionary technological advances.  Co-enrolled with other first year students interested in this theme in specially designed courses in English writing (ENG 1103), Philosophy (PHL 1001), and Computer Science (CSC 1710:  Introduction to Programming), you’ll delve into the classical and contemporary mysteries of thinking, feeling, and perceiving.  If you have ever asked yourself and tried to answer the deceptively simple question, “What is the mind?” this Learning Community is for you!

Interests: Gaming, Computer Science, Philosophy, Physics, English, Undecided 

Co-Ed Housing: Blessing Hall


ENG 1103-2 | College Writing & Public Life
MWF | 8:00am-8:50am | TBA
Professor: Staff

CSC 1710-2 | Intro to Programming
MWF | 2:00pm-3:10pm | CH 147
Professor: R. Shore

PHL 1001-1 | Intro to Philosophy
TTH | 9:45am-11:25am | TBA
Professor: M. Brophy

EXP 1101-2 | President’s Seminar
TH | 11:45am-1:25pm | HFAC
Professor: N. Qubein


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