Welcome to the library blog!

Hello HPU Students, Faculty, and Staff! Welcome to our new library blog.

You may know us and the library pretty well already, but we hope that this blog can illuminate the new resources, materials, and services that make the library an engaging and ever-changing place. Whether you visit us in Smith, the Learning Commons, the School of Education, or Centennial Center, we bet there are some resources you haven’t put to the test yet, or some books and DVDs you still have on your wish list.

We hope that we can show you all of the services we offer, and how those services can augment teaching and learning at HPU. Our Media Services department has frequent updates on available media software, tutorials, streaming video, and new additions to our film collection. Our Reference and Instruction Services department works tirelessly to find the best online resources and databases to help with sophisticated academic research, as well as to demonstrate the best way to use these resources through instruction sessions and one-on-one consultations.

Behind the scenes, our Technical Services department makes materials easy to find, while our Circulation department helps get those materials to you, including a new Document Delivery program for Faculty. Also, let’s not forget our new Interlibrary Loan system, which helps facilitate the borrowing of materials from other libraries, in a much more user-friendly format.

Some of you might not know what all of us librarians are up to on a daily basis, or all the projects we work on with your peers and colleagues throughout the university. We hope this blog will expand upon those projects, and also tell you how you can get involved with the library!

Most importantly, you may not know all the ways that we can help you succeed, in research and in life, as we support you and your work here at the university. We love our students, faculty, and staff, and we’re happy to help in any way we can. So here’s to a spring semester of learning, in and out of the library.

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—Heather Hans
Learning Commons Librarian and Web Manager