Things to do in the library (other than study)

Students, we know you need a break! In no particular order, here are our suggestions:

1. Join our Book Club, and read the next book, The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer!



2. Have a coffee and enjoy a magazine on the Learning Commons balcony.




3. Borrow all of our Sandra Bullock movies and have a screening party for your friends.





Sony_bloggie_sport4. Borrow a video camera and document a day in your life.





Movie Popcorn5. Learn how to stream movies and TV shows from our collection right on your computer.




birds6. Borrow a Field Guide and see how many bird species you can identify on campus…




applestoapples7. Borrow a game or puzzle for a rainy day indoors.





volver8. Borrow a foreign language book or film to brush up on your skills.




king9. Resolve to read every Stephen King book in our collection; you’ll be an expert by the end of the semester.




10. Walk around and enjoy the artwork in our library spaces… and the quiet.






Alexandra Frey_web

—Alexandra Frey
Learning Commons Weekend Supervisor