March New Releases and more DVD recommendations

I am sure many HPULibraries patrons know that you can check out up to 3 DVDs (2 Television Shows) on the first floor of Smith Library, for academic and personal viewing. But what many of you might not know is that I make an HPU Libraries Film Resource Guide found off of the HPU Libraries website under Services, Media & Digital Resources, Film Resources. This guide includes film rules and access tips, film reserve information, local film resources, instructions for advanced DVD searches, and more.

We usually display some of our new releases on the bookshelf nearest the doors on the first floor of Smith Library, but we also keep an online list of DVD New Releases for each month. For example, here is the DVD New Release List for March 2014.

I majored in Film Studies for my undergraduate career, so I love making subject movie lists! I’ve made HPU film lists on various subjects, including Environmental Films, Films Based on Books, Westerns, Superhero Films, Dance Films, and more. Check out the subject list section of the Film Resources guide for more lists. Please contact me if you are interested in having a subject list made with a particular theme or subject in mind.

Happy movie watching!

s_leonard—Samantha Harlow
Media & Digital Resource Librarian