What did the New York Times say about Solomon Northup in 1853?

12 Years a Slave recently received the Oscar for Best Picture at the 86th Academy Awards. Before this film, you might never have heard about Solomon Northup or his book, first published in 1853, on which the movie was based.

Just a few weeks after Solomon’s freedom was restored, even before his book came out, his story became widely known through an article published in the New York Times.

Smithsonian Magazine recently published an article on the original NYT report. And, you can actually see the full original newspaper article through the HPU Libraries, thanks to our subscription to the Historical New York Times. (Pay special attention to the multiple spellings of Solomon’s last name.)

This resource provides access to articles back to 1851, so the next time you’re researching a topic and need some historical detail or want to see what people were saying about an event when it was happening, this is the place to go!

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We also have access to the current New York Times.

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Head of Reference & Instruction