The Importance of Sleep

As a third shift worker, I know all about the importance of sleep. Do you? Check out these videos from Films on Demand about sleep and dreams. If you don’t find anything interesting, you might still be able to use them to lull you into a restful state.

Sleep: An Overview
Presented by psychologist Steve Taylor and other experts, this program examines sleep, covering its four stages, common sleep disorders, the impact of sleep deprivation, and several theories about why humans sleep in the first place.

The Secret life of your body clock
This program shows how these biological clocks dictate physiological behavior—determining when our brains are most alert, when our stomachs are ready to break down food, and when our bodies want to sleep.

Sleepiness: When Your Brain Has a Mind of Its Own
This program looks at how the brain succumbs to sleep and how that process might be better managed, or even prevented, using specially developed tools and treatments.

Time out of mind: does anybody really know what time it is?
Using a gigantic clock and actors set in a surreal landscape, James Burke explains how circadian rhythms, entropy, and the constancy of the speed of light all contribute to the ways in which we experience and think about time.

Sleepwalking: Is It Real?
Is sleepwalking a legitimate defense for murder? Find out how this sleep phenomenon manifests itself in the lives of everyday citizens—and how it stands up against the legal system.

To see more videos on sleep, check out this list.
T_Middlebrooks—Trae Middlebrooks
Late Night Library Supervisor, Smith Library