The Living Library at HPU

HPU Libraries is proud to announce the launch of the Living Library program, a new way to “read a book.” Within a living library, the books are people who volunteer their time, expertise, and interests to have a conversation with a “reader,” usually within the library. The principle aim of the Living Library is to discover and promote conversations that might be neglected in other forums.

The idea of living libraries (or “human books”) began nearly 15 years ago in Denmark and has become popular globally. The real hope is that it will create new discussion threads based on mutual interests between faculty, staff, students, alumni, and retired faculty. We hope that you will choose to become a book or a reader (or both!) through the HPU Living Library!

Frequently Asked Questions about the Living Library:

Who can participate in the Living Library program?

Participation is voluntary; books and readers must be members of the HPU community and have a valid HPU Library account.

Where can I view the current HPU Living Library book titles?

A list of our current titles can be found through Course Reserves.

How do I make a reservation to “read” a book?

  1. From the list of current titles, please select a title that you might be interested in “reading.”
  2. Click on the “View now” link and enter your HPU e-mail username and password.
  3. This will take you to a “Biographical Summary” of the book’s author. (Please take note of the days and times that your selected author is available for a reading.)
  4. The “Click here to reserve this Living Library book” link will take you to a form where you will be asked to provide contact details as well as the name of the book and author and the dates/times that you want to read the book.

How do I know if my reservation has been accepted?

We will send you and your book an e-mail to confirm the days and times of your “reading.”

How do I become a book?

Please complete the Living Library Book Submission form. Please submit one form per book title.

The form details that:

  • The only limits placed on topics are those of common decency and decorum.
  • There is no upper limit on how many titles you may register.
  • Most readings will be scheduled in 30-minute slots to take place in Smith Library.
  • By mutual agreement, books and readers may make alternative arrangements.
  • You may offer up to four preferred day/time slots during the week.

Where do I go for additional information?
For questions or additional information, please e-mail us at or call us at (336) 841-9101.

Please note that the opinions expressed by Living Library books and readers are their own, and do not represent the views of High Point University or HPU Libraries.

Andrew Fair

Andrew Fair
Evening Reference Librarian