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We have so many databases here at High Point University that it’s easy to choose the few we’re familiar with or recommend our favorites to students performing research. But sometimes, if we leave our comfort zones, we will find a new resource that can provide interesting items related to subjects that we may not have considered.

Enter BiblioBoard Library! BiblioBoard is a visually stunning historical database where you can view primary source items from a variety of disciplines. It’s easy to get lost in this resource, where you will find information on everything from comic books to dueling and from modern art to medieval cooking. Each category offers photographs, articles, books, and other items related to a subject, and the historical information and obscurity of some of the items make for fascinating additions to any research work.

biblioboardMy favorite collection so far is Horror Classics. You won’t find Halloween or Salem’s Lot here. Instead, there’s Wilkie Collins’ haunting tale from 1896, The Woman in White, as well as audio recordings of H.P. Lovecraft’s “Herbert West–Reanimator” series. These resources can provide an insight into the history of the horror genre.

If you haven’t checked out BiblioBoard Library before, take a few minutes to look through this resource. Once you start, you’ll find time flying by as you learn about everything from the Salem Witch Trials to historical perspectives on the Ancient Art of Beekeeping. Enjoy!

For Faculty: HPU Libraries has a subscription to BiblioBoard Library (which was described above) and BiblioBoard Creator. BiblioBoard Creator is a tool for HPU faculty interested in creating live digital anthologies with research or using digital humanities as a teaching tool in the classroom. For more information about using BiblioBoard in your classroom, please contact the Media & Digital Resource Librarian Samantha Harlow.

To Log In: If you are off-campus, you will need to create a Biblioboard username and password with your HPU email address. Go to the login button on the top right of the screen and click “Sign Up Now!” Then fill in your full email address and create a username and password. Contact us if you need more help.

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—Alexandra Frey
Learning Commons Weekend Supervisor