Get fit with… the library?

We have recently acquired several exercise DVDs, located on the 1st floor of Smith library. There are a variety of different kinds of workouts, from Pilates to Karate. I’ve highlighted a small sample our collection below. You can also view a full list of the exercise DVDs we have to offer, as well as some exercise videos we have available through Films on Demand.

chair workout DVD cover

Joel Harper’s Fit Pack Chair Workout

This short DVD offers a variety of exercises that can be done while sitting down. Great for the office, a long plane ride… anywhere, really!

The Naked Warrior DVD cover

The Naked Warrior

This intense workout requires no equipment, but instead uses bodyweight exercises to build strength. Not suggested for beginners.

Belly dancing DVD cover

Luscious: the Belly Dance Workout

This DVD takes you through some basic belly dancing moves and transitions.

Tai Chi DVD cover

Tai Chi for Beginners

This low-impact workout is designed to reduce stress while simultaneously strengthening the body and mind.

Salsa dancing DVD cover

SalsaCrazy’s Learn to Dance Salsa, Volume 1

This video takes you step-by-step through the basics of Salsa dancing. It’s a fun way to work on your coordination and get a good cardio workout at the same time.

Workouts for Dummies DVD cover

15-minute Workouts for Dummies

Offers a series of quick 15-minute exercises to tone specific regions of the body.


—Trae Middlebrooks
Late Night Library Supervisor, Smith Library