Leisure Reading and Marketing HPU Libraries

Leisure Reading and Marketing the HPU Libraries 

by Holly Llewellyn

My name is Holly Llewellyn, and I have been working with eleven other freshmen this semester as part of a Library Marketing Team (LMT).  Organized as part of the HPU Freshman Success leadership program, we have been working with HPU Reference Librarian, Andrew Fair, on a variety of library marketing initiatives.

One of the main activities the group has been involved with has been looking at ways to encourage and promote leisure reading on campus.   Leisure reading is important, because there is a direct correlation between improved GPA’s and time spent reading; but as final exams approach, students are fully absorbed in reading assigned texts leading up to the end of the semester.  Consequently, many students do not have time to read for pleasure, in addition to their schoolwork reading.  Other students also report that they do not know how to access or choose books to read in their leisure time.

One way that we are encouraging leisure reading on campus is by promoting a collection of fiction titles called Axis 360 that allows easy access to e-books.  Members of the LMT have taken the time to teach others how to download and use this collection.  (It is surprisingly simple to use!).  We have also been working with HPU librarian, Jen Seagraves and Library Director, David Bryden, on editing a brochure which will be published soon, on leisure reading opportunities at HPU.  Additionally we have been contributing to the creation of a Leisure Reading Guide that is intended as a road map for helping readers find their next ‘read’.

The LMT has also been involved in other library marketing projects.  For a week this semester, we have been part of a group effort to collect answers to a library survey, collected in a variety of campus locations during busy times of the day.  Also we have been pre-testing and screening prospective questions that will be used soon by library focus groups.  Half of our team have been shooting materials for a HPU library video that is being produced by Josh Harris of the library media department.

So, as the holidays approach, take some time to think about what you will read for you!  Check out the Axis 360 fiction titles, and download them onto your mobile device.  Have a look at the Leisure Reading Guide, to help you answer the questions, “what do I read?” and “what will I read next?”