Waiting With a Poem: Guest Blog by Allie Paladino

Waiting With a Poem

Guest blog post by Allie Paladino – Library Marketing Team

The elevator in Smith Library can sometimes be a little slow! While waiting for an elevator for a couple of minutes recently, I noticed that there is always a poem in a picture frame next to elevator. At first I did not know why there would be a poem in a picture frame, but then I realized that it must be there to read while you wait for the elevator!

Currently, there are poems in picture frames located in Smith Library, Wanek Center Learning Commons and the SOE Resource Center. The poem project is very new to HPU; it was implemented this fall. Each poem is changed every Sunday during the semester and a variety of topics and poets are represented. I think it is a good idea to have a poem next to the elevator so instead of reading your phone, so you can read something with meaning! The poems help to stimulate your imagination because even though they are very short, they can have more interpretations than a regular 200 page novel. I found myself thinking about the poem I read even after I left the library. So remember, the next time you are waiting for an elevator in Smith Library, don’t forget to read the poem!

If you ever find a poem that you are interested in, most likely you will be able to find it in one of the libraries on campus! If you have any suggestions for a poem that you want to be displayed in the library, you can send a recommendation to reference@highpoint.edu.