eBooks: We have ’em!



Ebooks form an important part of the library collections at HPU. We are rapidly adding significant numbers of eBooks; we now have over 400,000 eBook titles, with nearly 100,000 added since May 2015. The Library Marketing Team (LMT) recently conducted an HPU eBook survey that revealed that a significant number of freshmen and sophomores are unaware of our eBook collections, and of the role they play in our provision of library materials.

So, this week, do not be surprised to be confronted by large numbers of orange and white ‘e’ logos throughout the libraries! Titled Eight Days a Week, reflecting the 24/8 availability of eBooks, the LMT have created a series of simple messages, reacting to some of the questions raised by the survey. The first of those messages is reflected in the straightforward banner; “eBooks – We have ’em!” Other themes highlight the range of subjects covered by our scholarly eBooks, which span every topic imaginable, and reflect every need and taste. Finally, we showcase our eBook fiction collections, designed to provide for your leisure reading needs.

Please discover more at: http://guides.highpoint.edu/ebooks